A holistic rural community development model seeking to bridge the gap between the urban and rural communities via 10 empowerment divisions across 300+ villages island-wide reaching over 28,000 beneficiaries annually, free of cost.

Children and Youth

The Foundation of Goodness provides a number of programmes and activities for child and youth development in rural villages, to give the future generation better access to resources which will help them succeed and escape the cycle of poverty which they are trapped in.


To promote better education among children, the Foundation of  Goodness offers Pre-school facilities, free of charge, at the MCC Centre of Excellence (Lahiru Pre-school) and some of its VHE Centres while educational classes are offered at the MCC Centre of Excellence and all VHE Centres.

In addition, FoG also provides annual Essential School Supply Packs to children in need as well as yearly scholarships for rural students.

Infrastructure Development

The Foundation of Goodness helps to develop infrastructure and provide resources to rural communities through activities such as school, preschool & playground development and establishing special needs units, IT labs and libraries.

Values Development

We believe a good ethics and values system is just as important as formal education for the success and growth of a child. Therefore the Foundation of Goodness encourages all of our students to conducts community outreach projects,  attend Life Skills & Life Values Development workshops and participate in the Children’s Good Values Initiative.


Educational Classes

Children’s Good Values Initiative

Essential School Supplies Programme

Schools Development

Library Development

IT Facilities

Educational Scholarships

Educational Scholarships

Educational sponsorships are a rare opportunity for children and youth from the remote regions surrounding Seenigama to pursue their studies despite financial difficulties. It is for this reason that the Foundation of Goodness (FoG) has created a scheme in which students from such backgrounds can pursue their school and higher education with the assistance of its donors and supporters.

Payments could be made annually or for the whole sponsorship period via online payment, telegraphic transfers, by way of cheques written in favour of the Foundation of Goodness, bank drafts or direct deposits to the Foundation of Goodness’ account.


Please Note:

In view of the numerous difficulties encountered by us from the scholarship recipients, especially in regard to furnishing progress reports, please bear with us, as we notify the beneficiary of their obligations to the donor but cannot take responsibility of their failure to provide these reports on time since we do not absorb any administrative cost in particular unlike many other service organizations but rather credit the entire amount into the beneficiary’s account as granted by the donor.

A file containing all the background information including the family details, bank account details, photographs and a letter of certification from the School Principal of the student’s enrollment with the School will be sent to you once the funds are remitted.

Monthly instalment:

  • Rs. 2,000/- up to GCE Ordinary Level
  • Rs. 3,000/- GCE Advanced Level

The normal duration of university education is 4 years but sometimes depending on unexpected events taking place in Sri Lanka, it can take up to 5 or even 6 years to complete. However, the minimum period of sponsorship is 1 year.  If you are able to and are happy with the student’s progress you may continue with the sponsorship beyond the minimum 1 year period.

The only condition that applies for the student is that a progress report should be submitted to the donor every 4 months and if he/she fails to fulfil this we will consider discontinuing the sponsorship in consultation with the donor (even if it is a 4-year grant)  purely on disciplinary grounds.  The student is informed and advised on this at the point of registering with us for sponsorship.

A file containing all the background information including the family details, bank account details, photographs and letter/s confirming the student’s enrollment with the University will be sent to you once the funds are remitted.

Monthly Instalment – Rs. 4,000/-

Total Sponsorship Per Annum – Rs. 48,000/-