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Tokyo Cement North/ East Cricket Coaching Camp in Kattankudy

It is without a doubt that cricket is an integral part of Sri Lankan culture and we have recognised that many rural boys and girls harbour dreams of representing Sri Lanka someday. We have monthly coaching camps at the Sri Sumangala MCC Lords Cricket Ground in Hikkaduwa, which are conducted by renowned cricket coach Hemantha Devapriya. The coaching clinics are sponsored by the Tokyo Cement Group and provided free of cost to the participants, so that the up and coming cricketers have exposure to quality training that is otherwise only available in the cities. This project is a long-term endeavour of the Foundation of Goodness, to identify, train and develop the incredible sporting talent that lies dormant within rural Sri Lanka.


This month, the Foundation of Goodness was pleased to sponsor a cricket coaching camp in the Eastern town of Kattankudy,  with the aim of promoting interfaith peace, reconciliation and unity. The Cricket Coaching Camp was organized in Kattankudy on the 29th of February 2020. It was probably the 1st event implemented by the Harmony Centre in Kattankudy. The event was sponsored by the Foundation of Goodness and was held at the Kattankudy Hizbullah Stadium in Batticaloa.

Around 60 students from Shivananda National School, Kattankudy Central College and some from certain cricket clubs in Kattankudy participated at the camp, which was the first of this kind to take place in Kattankudy. The participants were very impressed on the way the camp was run and were delighted as they never had an opportunity of this kind to improve their cricketing skills. They added that they had never met in person, people like Mr. Hemantha Devapriya and it was a privilege for them to have met such professionals in their home town.










The Harmony Center of Kattankudy expressed their gratitude to the Foundation of Goodness, especially the founder of the organization Mr. Kushil Gunasekera who spearheaded the organizing of the camp. The coordinator, Mr. Edin also played a remarkable role in successfully arranging the resources for the camp. They also thanked co-sponsor of the camp, Tokyo Cement Group. In addition, the Mosque Federation Secretary Mr. Sabeel and Mr. Janeesar were thanked for their contribution in coordinating the cricket club members and arranging the event.  

At the feedback session after the camp, it was reiterated that the participants had ‘inborn skills’ in cricket, although they have never been formally trained. It was suggested that the Harmony Center should do their best to make use of this potential by offering training, with the resources available. The local coaches were invited for the coaching sessions that may take place in the South as well. 










After the feedback session following the coaching clinic, the organizing committee held a discussion and decided on the following; to have a meeting with principals of schools in the region to see the possibility of forming cricket clubs for Under 13 & 15 boys and arrange a tournament for U13 & U15 school children from all communities.