Children’s Goodness Club

This is an inspirational movement and youth group for young people, set up by the Foundation of Goodness Founder Kushil Gunasekera to inculcate the spirit of goodness in children as the leaders of tomorrow and the hope for the future. Through fun, educational and skill-developing activities, the CGC members learn to be conscientious citizens for a better tomorrow.

Children's Goodness Clubs convene monthly in Seenigama, Udumulla, Rathgama, Akurala and Kahawa. Around 250 children from 25+ villages take part under the moto 'be good, do good'.

Run by the children and including a programme of activities, workshops, fun games and community work programmes, the clubs have been recognised by parents as reforming children to be more thoughtful, grateful and helpful at home and in their communities.

A key focus is on inspiring the children to reach their goals, through building self-confidence and a focus on encouraging life skills and  ability to use English and computers.

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