Community Psychosocial Unit

Essential to the welfare of the villagers has been the counseling and psychosocial support work provided by the committed and experienced Community Psychosocial Unit. Approximately 700+ people use the service every year.

Counseling, delivered through group workshops includes:

  1. Dealing with exam stress including education seminars
    Anger and emotion management
    Domestic violence and child abuse
    Substance abuse
    Resolution of past experiences
    Financial management
    School bullying
    Family conflict resolution
    Physical health as a part of mental well-being
    Trauma counseling
    Interpersonal relationship development through sports, debating, cultural and religious activities
  2. Resposible utilisation of social media
    Identification and achievement of personal goals and ambitions


Partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association and Sumitrayo (Counseling Association) and overseas professors from USA (Professor Jeanne Marecek, Dr. Gaithri Fernando) and the UK (Dr. Shanthi Kumar and Dr. Malkanthi Hettiarachchi) provides ongoing training and support to our counseling team.

This is a special service provided for rural communities, mainly due to the fact that many of the issues raised are considered taboo within Sri Lanka culture.

Since the Foundation of Goodness extended its services to the post-war North in 2011, the necessity to provide psycho-social supports to this region became evident. Current programmes conducted in the North include:

Maternity mental health clinics
Counseling and psycho-social support for soldiers and ex-combatants.
Drama, art, play, music and creative therapy




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