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As part of the Bryan Adams Swimming Pool Complex and Seenigama Sports Centre, Cricket New South Wales (through the Sri Lanka Disaster Relief Fund of NSW) has donated the funds to buy two houses next to the cricket ground. These houses have now been turned into accommodation centres for the visiting volunteer teams from overseas.

This generous gesture from Cricket New South Wales has helped to make the Sports Academy a fantastic facility that can be used by eager spo
rts people from the whole Seenigama region and beyond.

Village celebrates as cricket legends open ‘Seenigama Oval’

FoG opens first class sports facilities in Seenigama



The Danish Development Co-operation Office and The Foundation of Goodness have been working together for the people of Seenigama.

It is with immense gratitude that the Foundation of Goodness acknowledges the generous assistance from the people of Denmark. Shortly after the tsunami, the Danish Development Co-operation Office committed an incredible 14.4 million Sri Lankan Rupees (800,000 DKK, US $144,000) to be delivered in two stages.

Stage one ensured that the immediate food requirements for over 500 people were met and continued to be met for over 2 months. The temporary sanitary needs were also addressed, with the provision of 25 toilets in the area and ‘Start-up packs’ were provided to 350 families.

Stage Two saw the full water and sanitary infrastructure needs of the village met. This involved the building of appropriate well and water systems, drainage and toilet facilities. This was a critical step in ensuring the long term health and prosperity of the village people, a gift which was appreciated by all.

The Foundation of Goodness is committed to its partnership with the Danish Development Co-operation Office, and we look forward to working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the Seenigama village.



Direct Relief International (DRI) from USA provides medical material aid including medicines, medical supplies and equipment to strengthen in-country health efforts around the world to improve the quality of life for the most impoverished people. The Foundation of Goodness’s ‘Rainbow Clinic’ is proud to be a recipient of their support.

DRI began supporting the Rainbow Clinic in August of 2006 with the partnership goal of improving the healthcare services available in Seenigama and its surrounds. Since then, DRI has generously provided the Rainbow Clinic with the means to continue its growth and development.

Initially founded to serve the tsunami affected residents of Seenigama, the Rainbow Clinic now provides a free General Practice style service, as well as periodic Maternity and Paediatric Clinics, to patients not only from Seenigama, but also from approximately 20 neighbouring villages.
All consultations are free-of-charge, and prescribed essential medications are also dispensed at the onsite pharmacy without charge. The Rainbow Clinic is open five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday) from 10 am to 4 pm, and currently serves over 1,500 patients a month.

DRI’s support has funded employment of two physicians including Dr Shirley De Silva, two clinic assistants and a janitor, monthly pharmaceutical supplies, new patient record sheets, laboratory equipment and essential items for the clinic. Recently the clinic also employed a Medical Laboratory Assistant and Medical Laboratory Technician.

The Rainbow Clinic continues to flourish thanks to the support of generous donors such as DRI, and becoming part of the MCC Centre of Excellence will further enhance its capabilities to provide holistic healthcare services that best meet the community’s needs.

Visit the DRI website



In the early months of 2006, a group of very dedicated and compassionate individual donors from Dubai combined their funding to make an enormous difference to the village of Udumulla. Together, they collected funding to construct 17 brand new homes as well as a Community Centre.

Phase 1 of the rehabilitation program for the village involved the construction of 17 houses in the village of Udumulla.

Phase 2 of the project involves construction of a Community Centre for Udumulla. The centre will foster an educational environment for the village children and will provide them with essential English and computer skills as well as a Library to assist their education. The retaining wall has been built and construction of the buildings will commence soon.

We would like to thank in particular, Mr. Ivan Sovis, and his friends for contributing to the housing project at Udumulla. There are no words to describe how grateful the victims were in receiving homes for themselves and their families. It has greatly assisted in easing the pain and suffering endured after such a destructive natural disaster.

Read Kushil’s vision statement for the Udumulla ‘Village Heatbeat Project’

View the before and after photographs of the 17 houses click here.



Since May 2006, the Foundation of Goodness has run three Computer and English Training Centres in the villages of Madampe, Telwatte and Rathgama, thanks to the sponsorship of Geneva Global and USAID.

Geneva Global Inc. is a professional services firm that provides independent research and advice to philanthropists around the world. The Foundation of Goodness was chosen by Geneva Global and USAID as one of 50 local projects in Sri Lanka to be provided a "Building for the Future" grant.

The grant is funding English and computer training projects for 18 months, with more than a hundred students graduating in March 2007. The aim of this project is to raise the standards of computer and English literacy amongst the youth in the rural villages surrounding Seenigama. Ultimately, the goal is to improve employment opportunities for young villagers by providing them with the necessary skills.
There are currently very few training courses in the area that offer skills development courses of this standard, particularly at no charge. Many students present at the opening ceremonies said that they were excited about these new training centres because they are free of charge and so close to their homes. One new student remarked, "I like my class because I can easy come here. And teachers are good."

It is estimated that 1,080 villagers will benefit from the program in its first phase, including students and dependent family members. It is hoped that with further support, the program can continue to develop the level of English and computer literacy in these rural villages, as well as assisting the overall economic development of the region through improved employment prospects. 

Empowering our village youth

Graduates celebrate English and computer skills thanks to Geneva Global

Visit the Geneva Global website


HELP SRI LANKA INC., (Australia)

HELP Sri Lanka Inc., (Australia) has provided ongoing support towards the Foundation of Goodness which has made a significant impact on the lives of the villagers. Through generous donations, their lives have been uplifted in ways unimaginable.

They are one of the co-sponsors of the Women’s Enterprise Division at the MCC Centre of Excellence, thus being a co-sponsor in also developing the MCC Centre of Excellence. As a result they have provided great assistance towards this important sector, having provided contributions towards the sewing centre at the Women’s Enterprise centre. This sector which specialises in handicraft and sewing projects continue to provide the opportunity for the women in the village to utilise their skills and further develop their talents and abilities.



The Seenigama Rainbow Clinic has flourished since its inception in February 2005 and thanks to the support of the International Relief and Development (IRD) Sri Lanka, we were able to continue this critical work and cater for the increasing demand for medical care from members of the community.

IRD contributed over US$14,000 to the clinic to provide transport for doctors to Seenigama, medicines and other essential supplies. The Foundation was also thrilled to receive an additional $3000 in order to buy a vehicle to efficiently transport goods and people between Colombo and Seenigama. Previously, a van was hired each day, which was costly and inconvenient. Thanks to IRD, our operations have been remarkably improved since doctors, volunteers, foundation staff and donors can be freely transported to and from the villages.

Many thanks to IRD for these amazing contributions to the cause.

A new van to help Seenigama



Jersey Side by Side is a dedicated and active charity formed by the people of Jersey in the wake of the tsunami.

Jersey is the southern most islands of the British Isles, measuring 14km by 8 km with a population of 87,000. In the immediate aftermath of the tsunami, the people of Jersey raised GBP 2million for the British Red Cross to use throughout the region.

On 30th January 2005, 5,000 Jersey residents assembled on one of the island's beaches to spell out the words 'Side By Side', demonstrating their long term commitment to the rehabilitation of the tsunami-affected region. An aerial photograph of the gathering was used in newspapers and on websites across the globe.

A charity called Jersey Side By Side was formed shortly afterwards and has since raised funds for projects in Sri Lanka, including building a vocational training centre in Matara and donating almost GBP 30,000 to the Foundation of Goodness.

Side by Side with the Foundation
The link between the Foundation and Jersey Side by Side was forged when the charity's representatives Mike Wavell and Anthony Lewis visited Seenigama in March 2005 and witnessed the first new house being opened by legendary cricketer Muttiah 'Murali' Muralithuran.

In June 2005, Foundation founder Kushil Gunasekera and cricketers 'Murali' and Aravinda de Silva, along with Glucka Wijesuriya (owner of the Shenley Cricket Centre in the UK), attended a banquet to raise funds for the Foundation.

Another fundraising dinner and 20/20 cricket match between the Jersey Cricket Club and ex- Sri Lankan players including Aravinda de Silva and Murali was held in early July 2006.

Subsequently, many Jersey residents have visited the Foundation, including two teachers, a photographer, and Suzi Austin who volunteered for several months.

Jersey’s helping hand in Seenigama;
Jersey Side by Side has provided immense support to the people in Seenigama, contributing towards rebuilding 60 houses that were partly damaged by the tsunami, as well as funding enough items to establish new livelihoods for 30 villagers.

This support has enabled beneficiaries to bring life back to normalcy and has assisted the community to find substitutes for the dangerous livelihood of coral mining, which was one of the reasons the region was so badly affected by the tsunami.

Jersey Side by Side also arranged for a Sri Lankan team of volleyball players to attend a tournament in July 2006, providing the funding for four young Seenigama men to fly to Jersey – their first time out of Sri Lanka. This event received media attention across Jersey and Sri Lanka, particularly when the team returned victorious.

Read more about the match

Jersey Side by Side has sponsored the construction of the accommodation centres at the Sports Academy, along with other sponsors/donors and also the building of an indoor multi-sports centre.
The Foundation has even received beautiful baby blankets handmade by Jersey residents, including one made by Ann Picot which was hand delivered to the Rainbow Clinic by Janet Slater - a testimony to the fact that Seenigama remains in Jersey’s thoughts.

Through this ongoing support, the people of Jersey and those at Jersey Side by Side have made a real difference to the lives of Seenigama residents as they move beyond the devastation of the tsunami and toward a brighter future.

Pursuing passions in Jersey

Village celebrates as cricket legends open ‘Seenigama Oval’

FoG opens first class sports facilities in Seenigama

To view articles about the Foundation of Goodness and Jersey Side by Side, please click here



Within the first five months of the Tsunami, Just Enough Faith, with the assistance of Tools for Tsunami, provided the Foundation of Goodness with an overwhelming amount of supplies and generosity. Our relationship with Just Enough Faith was established through the Muralidaran Vass and Gunasekera Foundation (MVGF).

Just Enough Faith sent a number of containers to us, comprising of essential items, building materials, sports goods, toys, clothing and much more. These items were so critically required at the time and were so gratefully appreciated by all of the tsunami-affected villagers in and around Seenigama.

It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge the tremendous support from Just Enough Faith and Tools for Tsunami, particularly at a time when it was required the most for the benefit of those who were so tragically affected by the tsunami. The various items that we received via numerous containers enabled us to provide relief in unimaginable ways and we were very fortunate to be the facilitators of such a noble act of kindness.

In Kind Donations



The contribution received from world-renowned cement manufacturer, Lafarge Mahaweli Cement, was significant. The company kindly donated 10,000 bags of cement at a cost of approximately USD 50,000 which equates to roughly 200 houses built in Seenigama and surrounding regions. This is a remarkable gift to the villagers that will never be forgotten and we are incredibly grateful for their recognition of our rebuilding work.

Lafarge Mahaweli Cement is endorsed by the champion off-spinner, Muttiah Muralidaran, who is also proudly our Foundation Associate. Managing Director, Rex Hathherly, and Supply Chain Manager, R Nithianandan, were most helpful in organising this truly remarkable donation.

Lefarge Mahaweli Cement



Louis Dreyfus is a world-renowned commodity trading company. Having conducted a significant amount of business and trade in the region affected by the Tsunami, Louis Dreyfus were extremely moved by the tragic disaster and instantaneously donated considerable funds to support the rebuilding process.
We are most grateful for Louis Dreyfus' strong support.

Louis Dreyfus is proudly associated with Almar International Sugar Division, of which our Founder and Trustee, Kushil Gunesekera, is a key stakeholder. They have provided the infrastructure for over 10 years, free of cost to house the FoG’s activities and accommodate its operations amidst a business environment which has saved the FoG the need to base their operating activities elsewhere which includes all infrastructure facilities.



The Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities, and their support has been instrumental in assisting to restore the Seenigama region post tsunami.

In early 2005, Mercy Corps provided Rs 1,926,000 (US $ 19,260) through their Emergency Small Grants Program to undertake a large scale clean up of the entire village area.

This project had two objectives: to clean the village; and to provide an opportunity for employment to the villagers.

The project ran for approximately one month from 18 April 2005 and the grant provided employment for around 230 village residents who worked in teams to clean and clear all remaining rubbish, debris and damaged items from Seenigama.

Like the clean-up project facilitated by USAID in January 2005, this project significantly raised morale and greatly improved the landscape in the area. It was also essential during the monsoon season and to prepare for the construction of more houses.

In addition to achieving the set targets, there were positive by-products from this project. The process was quite therapeutic for the workers, as they no longer had to see and live with everyday the garbage and remnants from the nightmare they endured. Furthermore, the cleaner and more organised village helped to facilitate the constructions and developments taking place.

Mercy Corps also generously contributed Rs 2,406,400 towards the construction and establishment of a Brush Block and Coir Yarn Manufacturing premises to improve the livelihood and skills development opportunities for the villagers of Seenigama and beyond.

The Brush Block Factory cuts and shapes a particular wooden brush handle for Ravi Industries Ltd. (a subsidiary of Hayleys) and the Coir Yarn Factory produces rope made from shredded coconut husks for Onril Pvt. Ltd.

Both factories opened in August 2005 and since then, production levels and product quality has been impressive. The Brush Block Factory currently produces 3,000 brush handles per month, whilst the Coir Yarn Factory sells on average 525kg per month. The Brush Block Factory currently employs 7 village men and the Coir Yarn Factory employs 7 village women.

Mercy Corps have played a vital role in improving the quality of life for the villagers. Not only have these new industries in Seenigama greatly improved the villagers' confidence and skills, but for years to come these factories will have a positive impact on the villagers' livelihoods and the economy of the region.



The Mondo Challenge organization has been incredibly helpful to the Foundation of Goodness. Since mid-2005, Mondo Challenge has supplied a number of volunteers to teach English in the Seenigama region at a variety of schools, starting with Philip and Desiree at the Seenigama School.

They have also provided funds to rebuild the Seenigama School wall and have provided 41 village people with the means to make their own living, which is truly a remarkable and lasting gift.

Various items were provided, from yoghurt-making equipment to three-wheelers (tuk-tuks), to cows and diving equipment. These livelihood grants will provide villagers with confidence, income and will contribute immensely to the local economy. The total project is estimated at close to Rs 2.5 million. Our most sincere appreciation goes to Mondo Challenge for this amazing contribution.

Mondo Challenge sends volunteers from all walks of life (gap year, university, post-university, career break, early retirement, etc.) to help with development programmes in Africa, Asia and South America. All Mondo Challenge programmes are community based and a typical volunteering period is from 2-6 months.

For more information on Mondo Challenge, please visit their website: www.mondochallenge.org



The Muralitharan Vaas Gunasekera Foundation (MVGF) was formed in 2002 by Sri Lankan cricketing legend Muttiah ‘Murali’ Muralitharan and Foundation of Goodness (FoG) founder/trustee Kushil Gunasekera, later joined by Chaminda Vaas.

Its primary aim is to serve the people of Sri Lanka and in particular the Seenigama region through sponsorship of those in need.

The MVGF provided funding for hundreds of projects in areas as diverse as sports training, health needs, education and livelihoods in conjunction with FoG.

With FoG’s role expanding post-tsunami, the founders of MVGF chose to merge their charity’s work with the Foundation for greater efficiency. They will continue to be involved with FoG’s activities through their role as trustees.

View articles about Murali and the MVGF

Cricket star Muttiah Muralitharan warns that post tsunami relief in Sri Lanka needs to be stepped up 




It is with enormous gratitude that we thank the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) members for their generous donation to the Foundation of Goodness. We were expecting an already amazing sum of USD $10,000, but to our surprise USD $20,000 was deposited!

On querying the size of the donation, it was found that this was actually an oversight as the additional USD $10,000 was earmarked for another charity. The serendipitous mistake, was not corrected as it was decided that the Foundation of Goodness could do double the good work with the additional money! We are overwhelmed with this wonderful fate and will be continuing to plan and provide for the village people's long and short term needs.



Notre Dame Academy is a Catholic, private, fully-accredited school for young women and is one of the major co-sponsors of the Rainbow Clinic Medical Centre at the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama, which is an essential sector for the rural community, which provides free medical care to thousands of patients on a monthly basis. They have assisted in creating this unique and much required learning centre alongside other supporters from around the globe. If not for the support of this school along with all other sponsors and co-sponsors this unique and major project would not have been possible.



The Prasad Project USA is part of an international not-for-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life of economically disadvantaged people by honouring human dignity and fostering self reliance.

Thanks to their generous funding, 34 houses were constructed to house people displaced by the tsunami. All 34 homes are constructed of good quality materials to government approved standards, and have been built beyond the 100m buffer zone.

The 34 houses were built in the village of Pelana, Weligama in the District of Matara in Sri Lanka. They have been handed over to 34 families who were selected based on the damage caused to their properties.



Professional Investment Services Australia have supported the Foundation of Goodness in its humanitarian work, in conjunction with HELP Sri Lanka (Australia), making a significant impact on the lives of the villagers in the Seenigama region.

Generous donations have contributed towards educational sponsorships (to obtain books and school supplies), provision of generators/pumps for improving water clogged lands, donations towards the sewing centre at the Women’s Enterprise centre in Seenigama. This sector which specializes in handicraft and sewing projects continue to provide the opportunity for the women in the village to utilize their skills and further develop their talents and abilities. Contributions have also been made towards the children’s play park at the Sports Academy.

Village celebrates as cricket legends open ‘Seenigama Oval’



Rotary Club of Dandenong (Australia) is another co-sponsor of the Women’s Enterprise Division at the MCC Centre of Excellence, thus being a co-sponsor in also developing the MCC Centre of Excellence. They have provided great assistance towards this important sector which specialises in handicraft and sewing projects through the various courses conducted which continues to provide better opportunities for the women in the village to utilise their skills and further develop their talents and abilities, helping them to be self-employed.



The Rotaract Club of Katugastota, which has 40 members, implements projects ranging from community services to professional development and the total monitory value of the projects exceeds Rs 5 million annually.

For Tsunami-affected families who have lost so much, a brand new home is a special gift of immeasurable value. Young members of the Rotaract Club of Katugastota opened five new houses in the villages of Seenigama, Kalupe, Thotagamuwa and Malawenna that they funded through FoG. This particular housing project consists of houses complete with modern amenities, essential household items and a private garden – a high standard of living, particularly for families who have suffered terribly since the tsunami.

Kushil Gunasekera, FoG Founder and Trustee, said “The Katugastota Rotaract Club has become an example to the young givers. The donation of five houses was an incredibly kind and generous gesture, especially from an organisation made up of such young members. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the group of dedicated Rotaractors who made such a positive difference to alleviate the many difficulties faced after losing their homes".

Muttiah Prabagaran, the current President of the Katugastota Club said "We're honoured to be associated with the Foundation of Goodness and their wonderful efforts. We've been involved with the Tsunami since the early days when we worked at Trinco on the 28th December providing and distributing essential medical needs. The more work we can do for the victims of the disaster, the better".
Rotaract President Prabagaran is the younger brother of the famous Sri Lankan cricketer, Muttiah Muralidaran, who is also closely associated with the Foundation of Goodness.



The Rotary Club of Manly (Australia) donated over Rs 2,000,000 (US$20,000) to the Foundation of Goodness for assistance in repairing partly damaged houses.

The funds were raised thanks to the tireless efforts of Foundation supporter Inosha Algama, who organized a highly successful Sri Lankan themed dinner dance in Sydney, Australia.

This major donation has enabled 26 badly damaged houses to be restored, so that the affected families can once again enjoy their homes.



The Shenley Cricket Centre has been a strong supporter of The Foundation of Goodness since well before the tsunami.

Thanks to Mr Glucka Wijesuriya (a close associate and advisor of the Foundation) and the Shenley Cricket Centre, two annual banquets were held to raise funds for the Foundation.

Famous off-spinner and proud associate of the Foundation ‘Murali’ also facilitated a fundraising 20/20 cricket match played at the Shenley Cricket Centre.

These outstanding events raised approximately GBP 20,000 to assist the Foundation with ongoing tsunami relief work.

Many thanks to Mr Glucka Wijesuriya enough for his amazing support and for the hospitality he showed Foundation Founder and Trustee, Kushil Gunasekera, during his stay in the UK.



Sri Lanka Tsunami Children’s Appeal – Townsville (Australia) is another major co-sponsor of the Rainbow Clinic Medical Centre at the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama, which is an essential sector for the rural community, providing medical care to thousands of patients on a monthly basis. Thanks to the support extended by Sri Lanka Tsunami Children’s Appeal – Townsville alongside other co-sponsors, the Foundation is able to expand the building facilities of the medical centre which also includes special medical clinics. If not for their support along with all other sponsors and co-sponsors the development of the MCC Centre of Excellence project would not have been possible.



We are honoured to be associated with the Sri Lanka Disaster Fund New Zealand, which has supported the construction of 19 homes and ‘shopping lists’ for residents in the Seenigama area.

Mr and Mrs Ediriweera of New Zealand attended the opening of 14 homes built through this organization. This generous couple represented the many donors of the Sri Lanka Disaster Fund in New Zealand.



Sri Lanka Disaster Relief Fund NSW, Australia, along with other support groups came to the rescue when the tsunami left a devastating impact on the community of Seenigama. They donated approximately AUD $10,000 towards the livelihoods projects, supporting the livelihoods of 17 villagers through new jobs and improving their opportunities, thus helping them to rebuild their lives and gain new form of self sufficiency.



Sri Lanka Disaster Relief Fund QLD has been assisting the Foundation of Goodness with the development project of the Kahawa Rathanasara School. Through their generous funding, we have been able to assist with school requirements such as repairs, building of its computer training centre and other crucial requirements for this institution.
Thanks to the support and generosity of Sri Lanka Disaster Relief Fund QLD and its committee members the Kahawa Rathanasara School has been able to develop its standards, thus having a greater positive impact on the education offered to the village students. It is also important to acknowledge the efforts and kind support of Mr Bill Deutrom for his personal contributions towards improving the lives of the less privilege


The members of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) played an important role in re-creating the homes and infrastructure destroyed by the tsunami.

SLIA through the Architects Fund to Shelter Tsunami Victims (AFSTV) collaborated with the Foundation of Goodness to build five houses in Kahawa for those rendered homeless by the tsunami.

The AFSTV was launched by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in early 2005 to collect funds to rehabilitate tsunami victims. It is through the generous contributions to this fund by the members and well-wishers here and abroad that SLIA was able to fund this project.

Each house is 55 square meters with two bedrooms, living and dining areas, a kitchen and a toilet. Every house has been provided with water service and electricity. The houses have also been provided with basic furniture and a simple landscaped garden. Each house was built at a cost of Rs. 565,000.

The homes were handed over to the new owners in June 2006 at a simple ceremony where Senior Vice President Architect, Jayantha Perera, Immediate Past President Architect, Lalith de Silva, Council Members Architect, Shanta Gunaratne, Architect, A.R. Pallie, and the facilitators, the Foundation of Goodness, participated.

The Foundation of Goodness and the residents of these beautifully-designed and endowed homes thank the SLIA for their remarkable support in not only rebuilding the homes of the tsunami-affected but also helping to rebuild their lives.

Visit the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) website.


(Sri Lanka)

Stafford International School in Colombo has been continuously extending their support towards the work carried out by the Foundation, through their generous donations towards our projects. In particular they have been greatly supporting the ‘Lahiru’ Pre-School development at the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama. Through the continuous support and donations extended by the School and its teachers and students, the Foundation is able to further extend opportunities for the benefit of the pre-school children, attending to every aspect of their well-being, nurturing their strengths and abilities and creating an overall positive learning environment for them. Having such a pre-school introduced to a tsunami-affected community has been unique and blends in with the Foundation’s concept of empowerment and capacity building as with other projects, which we are able to start in these children from a very young age.

Thanks to the generosity of Stafford International School, we are able to not only provide the best possible education to these youngsters but also provide them with nourishing food which is essential for those of such a young age. Also we have been able to engage them in fun-filled learning activities and also promote special concerts and festivals for them during their school year.

In Kind Donations

Setting A New Standard in Education



UNDP provided great support towards the Foundation of Goodness in its endeavour to rebuild the lives of the villagers who were badly affected by the tsunami in 2004. Generous donations received towards the funding of the completion works at the Accommodation Centre in Seenigama has enabled us to upgrade its facilities, bringing about a successful sports complex that is unique to a rural community affected by the tsunami.

FoG opens first class sports facilities in Seenigama



Our relationship with the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) programme began shortly after the tsunami as a result of the growing need for skilled assistance with our relief projects and rebuilding work.

Established in 1970 via the UN General Assembly, the UNV programme supports international human development by actively promoting the concept of volunteerism for development. Every year more than 8,000 UN Volunteers, representing some 160 different nationalities, are active participants in the programmes of the United Nations itself and almost all United Nations Funds, Programs and Specialized Agencies in more than 140 countries.

Our first-ever United Nations Volunteer (UNV), Mihirine Wijayawardene arrived on 1st March 2006 and worked with us for a period of ten months. Mihirinie co-ordinated funding and administration for our Medical Clinics, particularly the management and development of our Rainbow Clinic, as well as assisting the Rebuilding Lives Project.

Read an article about a UNV visit to Seenigama in the UNV newsletter



UNICEF has greatly assisted and supported the Foundation of Goodness in its endeavour to rebuild the lives of the villagers who were so badly affected by the devastating tsunami in 2004. Kind donation received towards the ‘Rebuilding Lives Project’ in particular has been of great benefit as this programme continues to offer emotional support to these villagers, uplifting their spirits. Through such funding we have been able to fulfill training, workshop and office costs and all other costs associated with the RLP project which has allowed for the successful running of this project.



The seed for the Village-to-Village UK concept was sown when the people of Upper Slaughter (of who Betty Rucker is the co-ordinator) teamed up to assist following the tsunami. Joining together with the Foundation of Goodness (FoG) Founder/Trustee Kushil Gunasekera the way was paved to help rural Sri Lankan villages overcome poverty and tsunami damage by linking them with a village in the UK.

Betty and her husband Tom Rucker, together with like-minded residents in their home of Upper Slaughter in Cotsworld, raised funds to rebuild and restore nine homes for families in Udumulla, a remote Sri Lankan village suffering from poverty and tsunami damage.

Through the Village-to-Village concept, Udumulla was linked with one of the villages in Upper Slaughter which intends to address the concerns of underprivileged children and look at developing the area from a holistic view point.

In July 2006 Kushil visited the UK, and was invited to Upper Slaughter to meet the donors that comprise Village-to-Village UK. Hosted by the Ruckers at their home, the meeting was well-attended by a variety of inspirational members of the Upper Slaughter community, discussing ways in which to continue and nurture the Village-to-Village relationship.

This includes establishing a community centre in Udumulla which is now the Village Heartbeat Project consisting of facilities for computer and English training, women's enterprise and a library, on land purchased with the help of Sri Lanka's legendary cricketers Muttiah Muralidaran and Chaminda Vaas, from the Muralidaran, Vaas and Gunasekera Foundation (MVGF).

The Village Heartbeat Project represents a major step forward for Udumulla thanks to the support of Village-to-Village UK, which is simply the heartbeat of the community with a simple and effective design that could easily be replicated in other poverty stricken villages across Sri Lanka and the globe.

Read Kushil’s vision statement for the Udumulla ‘Village Heatbeat Project’

View photos of the Udumulla ‘heatbeat’ village project



Enlisting further support for the Seenigama Village rebuilding efforts of the Foundation of Goodness, the Perth community’s contribution has been further enhanced by the West Australian Cricket Association (WACA)’s offer to fund the reconstruction of the G/Sri Vimalabuddhi Maha Vidyalaya, Seenigama tsunami impacted sports facilities including its sports grounds, its volley ball courts and children's play area. Within this partnership, WACA plans to fund the introduction of cricket to the school in enhancing crcicket training skills and development. This will help to take the popular sport to the children not only of Seenigama but also to some of those children from the adjoining villages of Pereliya, Werallana, Thotagamuwa and Kalupe who attend this school.

The building of an indoor badminton facility too is under consideration. Overall, the WACA contribution aims help build healthy minds and healthy bodies to deliver its positive impact through the student population to the Seenigama community.

Village celebrates as cricket legends open ‘Seenigama Oval’

Perth community support for Seenigama Village Rebuilding



WNS Global Services, contracted by AVIVA (the holding company of Norwich Union Insurance in the UK), has designed and co-ordinated an exemplary project in Seenigama - the construction of a model village called 'AVIVA Village'.
The establishment of the AVIVA village in partnership with WNS to construct a special village of 10 houses is the first of its kind in the area with modern amenities such as a grocery store, a stylish community centre, an IT centre, a library, a village bank and a post office, all accompanied by beautiful landscaping.
The Aviva/WNS Village was opened by the Managing Director of WNS, Mr Dushan Soza, and other colleagues on the 26th December 2005, as part of the Tsunami One-Year Anniversary events.
AVIVA and WNS were major supporters of Seenigama as it recovered from the tsunami and these houses, shops and facilities have uplifted the lives of all the villagers, not just those that are re-housed. The resources benefit everyone in the area and provide a sense of community.

AVIVA and WNS continue to provide support for the residents of AVIVA Village through workshops and programmes such as the recently launched internet project for children Under 16, and an annual WNS Challenge Trophy where WNS staff plays local netball and cricket teams. They also arrange regular free screenings of Singhalese movies, the first of which – ‘Millasoya’ – was screened in May 2007. Thanks to their involvement, the village moves from strength to strength.

A short but sweet visit



Y’s Men International has made generous contributions towards the Foundation of Goodness. In particular, they have supported the development of the Accommodation Centre at the Seenigama Sports Complex through its significant Grant which has had an enormous benefit on the tsunami-affected village children and youth.

Having supported this project from day one, its funding has enabled the interiors of the accommodation centre to be completed, thus upgrading all the facilities of this landmark undertaking, speeding up its completion phase to much excitement of the village community.

The well established Accommodation Centre has become the ideal place of lodging for all the local and international guests, volunteers and sportsmen who visit the village to assist in promoting the sporting skills of the local children and youth in the Seenigama region.

The Sports Complex has been a successful project, one never seen in a rural village before. We are most grateful to Y’s Men International for assisting in such a worthy project which focuses on improving the quality of life in rural disadvantaged communities.

Y’s Men International have supported another important project, a major housing complex in the region of Weligama, consisting of 17 houses which have brought that rural community new hope and better possibilities.

Village celebrates as cricket legends open ‘Seenigama Oval’

FoG opens first class sports facilities in Seenigama







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