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Leading doctors treat 500 villagers at free health camp 26th February 2007
More than 550 villagers received free treatment from ten of Sri Lankas leading doctors at a health camp organised by the National Stroke Association of Sri Lanka (NSASL) and the Foundation of Goodnesss Rainbow Clinic.

Pre-school concert lights up the stage in Seenigama  6th February 2007
More than 30 pre-school children took to the stage for a gala end of year concert in the tsunami affected costal town of Seeigama, Sri Lanka.

Highgate School's sponsored walk raises thousands  20th October 2006
A prestigious British school has raised more than GBP £53,500 for the Foundation of Goodness (FoG) to support its work improving the lives of children and the wider community of the Seenigama and Malawenna region in Sri Lanka.

Mission: possible – FoG celebrates the 500th new and 400th restored home  23-December-2006
The Foundation of Goodness (FoG) is celebrating handing over the 500th new and 400th restored home to villagers from Seenigama and its surrounds, who suffered massive loses following the 2004 tsunami disaster......

Remembering the wave, rebuilding the future – 2nd Tsunami Anniversary in Seenigama 26th December 2006   15-January-2007
Sri Kusumarama Viharaya
Sacred and blessed premises
This special place of worship is gratefully venerated in rememberance of the 1000’s of lives that were saved on 26th December 2004.
The villagers of Seenigama extend their heartfelt gratitude for being able to reach the sacred premises in time to escape possible death from the tsunami whilst giving shelter to 750 villagers for a period of 4 months.

A gift of light  18th December 2006
Clutching his son's hand the father pleaded, with tears in his eyes for lights in his home so that his son would no longer have to study by kerosene lamp.....

Seenigama sport reaches out to the region   11th December 2006
Last month Seenigama Sports hosted its very first Regional Volleyball Competition. Sports clubs from across the Galle District were invited to take part in this debut event which we held at Seenigama School on 28th October....

SACRE COEUR 17th August 2006
In early October Kushil Gunasekera, the Founder / Trustee of the Foundation of Goodness flew to Australia to surprise his daughters on their birthday....

Guiding our Children Towards Goodness   12th October 2006
As the warm rays of the setting sun light up the KPMG LOLC village with a soft glow in the early evening a small group of children freshly washed and dressed, bearing flowers, incense and oil lamps make their way to the Buddha Shrine in the village.... 

Volunteer Kindness from Melbourne    12th October 2006 
Despite the destruction caused by the tsunami the blessings that it has brought have been many fold and varied. One such blessing, to which no monetary value can be attached, has been... 

Seenigama Devale Perahera 2006    29th September 2006 
From 1st to 7th September 2006, Seenigama celebrated its 39th Perehera, the largest Perahera in the Galle District and one of the most famous Peraheras in the Southern region... 

Youths Stumped Over Generosity    21st September 2006 
When the Foundation of Goodness talks of the skill and talent amongst the rural village youth and their potential to excel if they follow their passions and dreams... 

Rebuilding Lives    14th September 2006 
Do you think another tsunami will come? It would be great if I didn't have to wear my life jacket to bed anymore. I worry that the waves might come while I'm sleeping... 

The Cruse Family - A Tribute
    6th September 2006 
The tsunami took the lives of my entire family, sparing myself, my sister and our grandmother. Now, we are all that we have, but we have to survive and move on... 

From Tears to Pearls    31st August 2006 
The rebuilding of homes for the tsunami affected provides them with the opportunity to restart their lives. This also provides them with the opportunity to have a change of attitude towards life... 

Rekindling Hopes    17th August 2006 
The following is a story about a gentleman who saw the plight of villagers - not necessarily those affected by the tsunami, but those with basic human needs... 

Pursuing Passions in Jersey    July 2006 
These four young village men have just travelled outside of Sri Lanka for the first time, for the purpose of their sport and with the pride of representing their country... 

With Charity in His Heart    July 2006 
Harry Solomons is a true example of a selfless, noble and charitable character. A Sri Lankan born Australian resident, Harry was once a top cricketer in his day... 

In Recognition of a Seenigama Legend    July 2006 
Since the tsunami struck the shores of Seenigama, a vast array of inspirational and admirable figures have passed through the region, leaving their mark and brightening lives in their own special and unique ways... 

The Waves that Carried Us Across the Globe    July 2006 
Less than two years ago, the Foundation of Goodness existed as a Sri Lankan charity on a very small scale. Seenigama, a coastal village where the Foundation is based, was hardly on the map... 

Equitable Endowments    June 2006 
Although the tsunami tragically swept away homes, lives and belongings, it did so indiscriminately, as nature does, and so our hearts should give... 

The True Power of Compassion    June 2006 
As a young boy growing up in the small coastal village of Seenigama in South West Sri Lanka, Kushil Gunasekera felt extremely lucky and privileged that he had access to a good education... 

A Daily Struggle    June 2006 
Three years ago, Ishara Buddhika was like any other child. Gradually his ability to speak deteriorated and now, at six years of age, he cannot speak a single word... 

Setting a New Standard in Education    June 2006 
On Sunday 4th June, the new Lahiru Pre-School was opened in Seenigama, in the grounds behind the current Foundation of Goodness Relief Centre Secreteriat... 

Fame Without the Fortune    May 2006 
A good friend of mine recently won a Gold Medal for Backstroke in the 2006 Commonwelth Games in Melbourne. She lives comfortably in a four-bedroom double-storey home with... 

Another Welcomed Visit From Down Under    
May 2006 
On 11th May, the Lord Mayor of the Perth City Council, Dr. Peter Nattrass, along with his daughter, Lavinia, and Frank Crawley, the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Perth made a special visit to Sri Lanka... 

A Tribute to the Ritchie Family    May 2006 
This morning, when I turned on my mobile, there was a typical 'Stewart Ritchie' message for me: Some good news to start the week... 

Empowering Our Village Youth    May 2006 
The Foundation of Goodness is very excited about its three new Computer and English Training Centres in the villages of Madampe, Telwatte and Rathgama... 

A Wonderful Gift From Victoria, Australia    April 2006 
On 19th April, the Premier of Victoria, Mr Steve Bracks, his wife, Mrs Perry Bracks and other distinguished guests travelled to Seenigama to give their blessing and join in on... 

A Fresh Start    April 2006 
Jointly funded by Lanka Orix Leasing Company (LOLC) and KPMG Ford Rhodes, the recently opened estate is the largest of its kind in the area to date... 

A Short But Sweet Visit    April 2006 
On the 5th April, the Seenigama villagers and Foundation staff had the pleasure of hosting the AVIVA Global Chairman... 

The Siri Kavidhajatissa Daham Pasala    April 2006 
On the afternoon of the 5th March, the Siri Kavidhajatissa Daham Pasala (Sunday School) at the Seenigama Village Temple was declared opened in an elaborate ceremony... 

International Women's Day    March 2006 
Women have an extremely vital role to play in today's society and on 8th March, the world came together to celebrate, respect, discuss and advance the role of women on... 

Home Sweet Home    March 2006 
Under the initiative taken by the Lord Mayor Peter Nattrass of the City of Perth ... 

Childrens Events - Feb 2006    11th March 2006 
Continual supporters of the Foundation, Heather and Stewart Ritche, have now brought us yet another unique source of funding ... 

Seven Years of Community Development    4th March 2006 
On 3rd March 2006 at 5:57am, the Foundation of Goodness celebrated its 7th year of community development ... 

A Dream Come True    26th February 2006 
It is always so satisfying to witness those who lost almost everything in the tsunami receive a brand new home ... 

Towards a Rural Community Model  
   19th February 2006 
Almost seven years ago, things were quite different at the Foundation of Goodness ... 

Entrepreneurship in Seenigama    12th February 2006 
In January 2005, a group of Babson College students gathered to discuss how they could help ... 

Maintaining the Balance    5th February 2006 
Since its inception almost seven years ago, The Foundation of Goodness has been involved in ... 

Setting an Example in CSR    16th January 2006 
Rarely does one come across a corporate donor that wishes not only to contribute financially to a cause, but ... 

Balancing the Generosity    9th January 2006 
Over the past year, the magnanimous waves that have poured in to the Seenigama region ... 

Looking Ahead - One Year Since the Tsunami   
  27th December 2005 
An unbelievable year has passed since that fateful day when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka ... 

The True Spirit of Christmas    17th December 2005 
On 14th December, "Santa Claus" visited the Malawanne M V and Thotagamuwa M V schools ... 

Cricketing Legends Launch Laureus Project    
9th December 2005 
Cricketing legends, Steve Waugh and Kapil Dev, officially launched the Seenigama Sports project last week... 

To Complete the Package    28th November 2005 
Whilst building a home is an amazing feat, a home is not complete until it contains... 

Generosity Knows No Limits    20th November 2005 
Undoubtedly one of the most enriching times that the region has experienced... 

For the Children and Their Future    
13th November 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness is pleased to announce the kind and generous sponsorship of the Aberdeen-Sri Lanka Link (ASL)... 

Engagements and Livelihoods    6th November 2005 
Our friends and supporters Duncan Tate and Jody Brin gave us such a wonderful... 

Commonwealth Games Baton Passes Through Seenigama    31st October 2005 
The Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay is currently being passed through ... 

We Salute the Rotary District 5150 of San Francisco    31st October 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness salutes the Rotary District 5150 of San Francisco, USA... 

HighGate Touches the Hearts of Malawenna School Students    24th October 2005 
Over the past few months we have had tremendous support from Highgate Pre-Preparatory School... 

Taking Pride in Houses, Gardens and Walls  
   24th October 2005 
In order to thank the village and surrounding area for taking pride... 

Serving Up Seenigama Sports    17th October 2005 
This month the Foundation of Goodness kicked off an exciting new sports programme... 

New Industries Provide New Incomes in Seenigama    17th October 2005 
Last week we opened a fantastic new factory in Seenigama...

Seenigama Honors Jillian Ray for a Year of Service and Friendship    10th October 2005 
On August 28th, the Villagers of Seenigama hosted a ceremony 

Chaminda Vaas Opens Homes and Uplifts Spirits in Seenigama    10th October 2005 
Last weekend the number 2 ranked bowler in the world, 

A New Van to Help Seenigama    4th October 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness has been gifted its first official vehicle ! 

Our Salute to Australian Support    27th September 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness has been overwhelmed by support from Australian individuals, businesses 

Shali Runs with Hope    27 September 2005 
Miss N.H. Samanmali or 'Shali' as she is known is a 10 year old Seenigama girl 

Highlights of the 7 months    19 September 2005 
Houses Completed - Over 90 homes have been rebuilt 

A Tribute to the Outstanding Volunteers   
  19 September 2005 
Volunteers from near and far have made an incredible impact on the rehabilitation 

Children Requests Met TOTAL    13 September 2005 
The Children's Committee has done a phenomenal job 

Update on the 100 meter Zone Residents   
  13 September 2005 
The tsunami has brought hardship to every family in Seengiama but there is 

Positive Feedback from Volunteers and Donors   
  12 August 2005 

Positive Feedback from Medical Teams    
12 August 2005 

Laureus World Sport    15 July 2005 
Seenigama featured in Laureus World Sport Awards 

Houses Houses    29 July 2005 
Last weekend was one of our best on record as 16 families were recipients 

Mondo Challenge    29 July 2005 
As we have reported previously the Mondo Challenge organisation has 

Proud of our Progress    29 July 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness staff, volunteers, Village Management 

Medical Teams Offer World Class Treatment to Villagers    22 July 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness Secretariat in Seenigama played host to two world 

Charity Evening Hosted by Muttiah Muralitharan    
15 June 2005 

Support for the Rainbow Clinic from International Relief and Development (IRD) Sri Lanka    
2 July 2005 
The Seenigama Rainbow Clinic has flourished 

Young Donors Making a Difference    29 May 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness would like to highlight the generous contribution of some of our youngest donors. 

Lefarge Mahaweli Cement    28June 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness would like to especially thank Lefarge Mahaweli Cement 

Debra Colkett    15 June 2005 
Dramatheapist from Funforlife talks about Seenigama 

Perth community support for Seenigama Village Rebuilding    22 May 2005 
Building Houses, Sports Development and Educational Assistance. 

Wesak Poya Day Lights Up Seenigama    3 June 2005 
The day of Wesak is the most important, beautiful and solemn of the Buddhist 

MondoChallenge Helping Seenigama    15 May 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness is deeply appreciative to the Sri Lankan branch of Mondo Challenge 

Rainbow Clinic Health Seminars    26 May 2005 
Dr Radhika and her colleagues have presented a wonderful idea for improving the health 

Ian Botham Visit    21 April 2005 
The close links between the Foundation of Goodness and international cricket 

Commencement of 25 New Homes    1 April 2005 
With the success of our first constructed house behind us we have now embarked.

SARAID    1 April 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness would like to make special mention of the wonderful

Operation Phoenix    1 April 2005 
People all over the world have taken action to help victims of the Tsunami,

Children's Update    5 May 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness Children's Committee has delivered enormous benefits to children in the Seenigama area. Rushmi Perera has worked tirelessly with donors to deliver these amazing outcomes which have dramatically improved the lives of the younger people at this difficult time. 

Cricket star Muttiah Muralitharan warns that post tsunami relief in Sri Lanka needs to be stepped up    16 March 2005 

Rotary Club of Colombo North    8 April 2005 
Help give Children a Double Blessing 

American Doctors Open Seenigama Clinic    12 March 2005 
In a personal effort to help with relief and rehabilitation efforts,

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Brings Seenigama Together    21 April 2005 
Seenigama was again alive with spirit over the "Avurudu" period, from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 April. 

Foundation and Villagers Celebrate Completion of First Sponsored House    28 March 2005 
In a festive ceremony, complete with a parade of villagers, 

Village Management Committee    12 March 2005 
The set up of a "village management committee" was a major step forward last week. 

Livelihoods    4 March 2005 
Five cement block machines have been purchased and are being set up in the village. 

Volunteers    1 April 2005 
In a volunteer we are looking for committed and dedicated people 

In Kind Donations    1 April 2005 
The Foundation would like to make special mention of the following Individuals and

Scotsman's Love for SriLanka helps Village School Get Back to Basics    16 March 2005 
Scotland's Stewart Ritchie and his wife Heather first fell in love with Sri Lanka when they arrived in April 1985.

Arts and Drama group helps Village Kids Cope    20 March 2005 
A team from UK-based FUN FOR LIFE (www.funforlife.org) is currently spending one month in Sri Lanka 

Shane Warne Visit a Massive Success    3 March 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness was enormously privileged

Children’s Needs    20 March 2005 
Kushil and Rushmi met with the principals of the five schools in the area

International Volunteers    28 March 2005 
In addition to the vast number of local volunteers

New York Board of Trade Serendipidous Giving     20 February 2005 
It is with enormous gratitude that we thank the New York Board of Trade 

Disaster Counseling    28 March 2005 
The Foundation of Goodness has agreed to collaborate with a US mental health organization called ‘Disaster Psychiatry Outreach’. 

Elderly Needs – Spectacles     25 February 2005 
The elderly committee identified that many people had lost their spectacles and

Women’s Needs    14 February 2005 
Underwear for 75 women was delivered by the women’s committee volunteers.

Update 6 February 2005     
Seenigama Camp Winding Up for the Benefit of All : It is easy to imagine how difficult it is for families to live with no privacy and space for a long period of time. As such, the Foundation of Goodness and village people have agreed that the camp run out of the Seenigama Temple will be officially coming to an end by 15 February 2005.

Update 22 January 2005     
Kushil’s Bungalow Transformed : The Relief Centre Secretariat has now been moved to Kushil’s Bungalow in Seenigama. Thanks to the hard work of USAID and local volunteers Kushil’s bungalow, has been cleaned is the new hub of communications and co-ordination of relief in Seenigama.

Update 15 January 2005     
Cleaning: The most striking update in the Seenigama area is the improvement in appearance of the villages as a result of the ‘clean-up’ project, facilitated through the Foundation of Goodness and the USAID Office of Transition Initiates 



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