A holistic rural community development model seeking to bridge the gap between the urban and rural communities via 10 empowerment divisions across 500+ villages island-wide reaching over 35,000 beneficiaries annually, free of cost.

It’s almost been two years since daily life was completely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic that forced us to battle an unforeseen threat to the global community. These months and years have been hard, and we have grappled with losing loved ones and the long periods of isolation endured for the good of all. It also opened our eyes about not taking anything for granted, and the need to spend time with those we love, make memories.

Now, as travel resumes and we all step out eager to chase down new adventures and see the world with new eyes, exploring all those places we made plans to visit, we wanted to remind you that it is a great time to Return to Goodness.

Sri Lanka struggled during the pandemic and no one was hit harder than the struggling low income communities who were finding it difficult to make ends meet even before the pandemic. Lockdowns put an end to many daily wage earners’ sources of income, and this included many families who depended on the tourism industry which was seeing a record boom in Sri Lanka pre-covid, with the island named by many prestigious travel lists as the top country to visit.

We are still that amazing destination everyone was excited to travel to, but now, your visit will have even more of an impact, helping local communities get back on their feet, while you enjoy all that our beautiful nation has to offer.

We have sorely missed our friends and supporters from all over the world, who come to our Flagship Venue in Seenigama, to immerse themselves in the Foundation of Goodness’s  holistic and unique travel experience that gives back to the local community. 

Some of the most popular activities we offer are: 

The Dive For Good Centre: 






























More information: https://diveforgood.com/

Plates of Goodness:

You’ll man the cooking station and learn to cook traditional Sri Lankan village rice & curry! You have the option to get assistance in preparing dishes if you would like to do so, or you can sit back and enjoy the lessons. At the end of the session, you’ll enjoy prepared lunch in a relaxed outdoor setting. A recipe leaflet will be provided, to try it out back home with your loved ones.











More information: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g304134-d14058155-Reviews-Plates_of_Goodness-Hikkaduwa_Galle_District_Southern_Province.html


Good Life Institute:


More information: https://www.goodlifeinstitute.com.lk/

Goodness Nature Cruise: 

Others include: 

We look forward to welcoming you back with open smiles and full hearts.

Come, return to Goodness!