Bikes to Rehabilitated Beneficiaries in Trincomalee

On October the 3rd, 2013 the Foundation of Goodness had the wonderful opportunity to present 24 bicycles to rehabilitated reintegrated beneficiaries from the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (BCGR) in Trincomalee.

The beneficiaries were middle aged adult males earning their livelihood through carpentry, masonry and daily labor. Many of the beneficiaries are also involved in cottage industries and often serve as mentors for other newly reintegrated people by coordinating projects such as microfinance, animal husbandry and agriculture. They also liaise with third parties to obtain assistance in developing their new livelihoods.

Delighted by the gift of a bike, one of the parents recently stated that "now I can take my two children for classes easily because of the cycle".

Another commented that he is able to ride into town and buy all the material he needs for his masonry job and bring it on his cycle - and had deeply appreciated the "basket" fixed onto the cycle".

Yet another young man had cycled 80kms to get to his home from the Trincomalee town on the very first day he got the kind donation.

Two other young men had sat for the Grama Niladari exam 2 days after they got the cycles and had contacted the SECWCO to say they passed the exams and no doubt gone on their bicycles to the exam hall.

The Socio Economic and Welfare Coordinating Office (SEWCO) works with the rehabilitated beneficiaries of the BCGR. Major Chanaka Weerasekera of the SEWCO (BCGR) together with the GA Maj Gen TTR Silva at the District Secretariat of Trincomalee facilitated this kind donation to the beneficiaries from the FOG.

This event was also a special opportunity for the beneficiaries to meet with the GA and hear him speak about rebuilding lives and moving forward in post conflict Sri Lanka - and his assurance of support. He also stated that "this is a donation that is given with the donors not expecting anything in return - other than your wellbeing"

Major Weerasekera and his committed team of staff at the SEWCO (the community outreach team of the BCGR) thanked the FOG and its kind donors for helping to empower the lives of people in Trincomalee. In return the Foundation of Goodness is extremely grateful to be given this opportunity, and hopes to work SEWCO and BCGR to do even more good work.










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