High points for the FoG family in 2013

While 2013 was an extremely successful year for the Foundation of Goodness (await our 2013 recap coming up next week) it was also a great year for many of the staff, beneficiaries and benefactors who make up the amazing family that is FoG.

From among our staff members, Gayan Harshapriya the Assistant Cricket Coach at the foG Sports Academy and Rashika Krishanthi, NVQ trained Beauty Culture teacher at the Women’s Enterprise & Empowerment Centre were able to achieve great honor. Gayan, who also models in addition to his cricket coaching competed in the 2014 Manhunt competition and won the top spot. 

Rashika Krishanthi participated in the 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics in Malaysia where her beautifully made-up model helped her secure 5th place, bringing great honor to Sri Lanka. 

Lakruwan Wijesiri the triathlete from Sri Lanka who placed 4th at the Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon 2013 has proven himself as a perfect example of the kind of beneficiary that FoG wishes to produce by stepping up to pass on the good fortune he has experienced by sponsoring the education of a young child from his community. He sponsors a student who is good at Sports and Studies, he has been sponsoring for the past two months and he will continue. This is true reconciliation and Sportsmanship.

We would also like to acknowledge Thimathi Deepika, who had once benefited from the FoG in the past who is now a bank employee and has magnanimously come forward to sponsor a child’s education so that she may pass on the kindness once shown her and to help someone succeed just as she had once. 

The Walker family who generously hosted triathlete Lakruwan during his time in Singapore have strengthened their bonds with the Fog through further selfless acts. Young Sunny and Beau shaved their heads to raise funds for charity, the proceeds of which they have now donated to the FoG Pre-School. 

Lastly we would like to Congratulate Cathy Cruse (who along with her husband David has been a long and staunch supporter of the FoG) for having completed Beefy’s Big Sri Lanka Walk with Sir Ian Botham earlier this year. She was an inspiration to us all as she conquered the incredible task of walking almost 40 km each day over 8 long days in the incredible tropical heat to help raise funds for Laureus Sports for Good initiatives around the world.











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