Women’s Enterprise Graduation

On the 11th of January 2014, 276 students graduated from the Women’s Enterprise & Empowerment courses. As we enter the 7th year of Women’s Enterprise courses, we are proud to disclose that up to 2,707 ladies have graduated thus far, including the newest batch who joined their ranks in January.

Empowering women and giving them a chance to earn their own living, realise their dreams and exercise a degree of control over the course of their lives has been the end result sought out by the Foundation of Goodness' Women’s Enterprise courses and workshops. Women’s Enterprise is a FoG sector dedicated towards instructing local women free of cost through courses such as dressmaking, patchwork, curtain making, beeralu lace making, beauty culture, general cookery and dessert & pastry making. Women who have attended this course have gone on to establish private ventures such as bakeries, salons or clothing boutiques.

The Graduation Ceremony on January 2014 celebrated the 13th batch to attend courses with the FoG and was held at the Chaaya Tranz Hotel in Hikkaduwa. The presentation of certificates was highlighted by colourful cultural performances. The beauty culture students showed off their skills at the bridal fashion show by dressing models as Up-Country, Low-Country, Muslim, Tamil and Western style brides.


Graduates on Jan 14

Total Graduates to date

Dress Making






Beauty Care






General Cookery



Curtain Making



Beeralu Lace Making








The winners of the bridal fashion show were awarded gift bags from Oriflame, who have consistently provided these gifts for many years now. The top three from their respective categories are as below:

Up Country/ Kandyan bridal wear:

  1. 1.Don Pransisco Isurandi Srinika Nadeeshani
2. M. V. Priyanka Nilmini
  1. 3. G. Iresha Disanayaka

Low Country bridal wear:

  1. 1.M. M.  Navodi Thanushka
  2. 2.B. G. Maheshani Surangika Priyankara
  3. 3.W. Dinithi Punsara

Tamil bridal wear:

  1. 1.N. A. Jeewika Ariyarathna
  2. 2.K. P. G. Sanduni Tharuka
  3. 3.M. V. Priyanka Nilmini

Muslim bridal wear:

  1. 1.U. P. Ashani Dulmini
  2. 2.K. G. Ganga Sanjeewani
  3. 3.H. A. Chalani Viragini

Western bridal wear:

  1. 1.K. Dilhani De Silva
  2. 2.K. G. Sujeewa Sudarshini
  3. 3.K. Sasini Pabasara De Zoysa

Going away wear:

    1. 1.S. W. Ruvina Chiranthanie Rathnasiri
    2. 2.W. G. Indunil Tharanga
    3. 3.P. D. A. Harshani


    The event was attended by Guest of Honor Kishani Alanki Perera and Special guests Damayanthi Fonseka, Priyadharshini De Soysa, Keshia and Rashmika Gunasekera and the judging panel which was made up of Kishani, Dayananda De Silva and Madhushan Kumarasinghe. FoG Volunteers and supporters Rebecca, Sophia, Kristy, Heike, Samante, Sara, Rosita, Sarah, Rozaine and Aksith were also present along with FoG Founder Trustee Kushil Gunasekera and other members of staff.

    We wish all the ladies the very best of luck and hope they put their new found skills to great use towards uplifting their lives.


    13th February 2014


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