Gourmet Goodness: Take a Bite of Goodness

“Gourmet Goodness”  (GG) the unique Spice Mix that supports the sustainable income generation program associated   with the Foundation of Goodness that aims to help minimize the daunting task of   dependence on external donor funding  towards its humanitarian endeavors.   GG blends mouthwateringly delicious Sri Lankan Spices with a few carefully selected ingredients from other origins to produce a superior taste experiences which will bring Sri Lankan cuisine to your dinner table with no fuss.

As healthy as they are delicious, Gourmet Goodness’ five signature blends are Sweet Cinnamon Magic, Seafood seasoning, Meat Seasoning, Spice Sensation and Lime & Pepper Marvel. The blends can be used for marinating, seasoning or simply spread on bread or toast to add that extra touch of flavor to your every meal.

A variety of spices such as cinnamon, pepper, coriander, fennel, turmeric, cumin and chillies produced through the process that combines  traditional methods of farming with modern techniques of harvesting are mixed with dried orange, lime and lemon peel, dehydrated garlic and onion mince and Himalayan salt. The result is a sensational burst of flavor which allows you to bring to life the authentic tastes of Sri Lanka in your very own kitchen with minimal stress and effort.

Gourmet Goodness offers a variety of packaging and purchase options including individual bottles, a five in one pack of its signature blends of a three in one pack of your favorite selections. They are also available for special occasions in beautiful mahogany presentation boxes and kitchen counter top stands which are perfect for gifting.

Visit the website www.gourmetgoodness.lk for lip-smacking recipes utilizing these blends or find them on Facebook for even more recipe ideas such as risottos, muffins and soups which demonstrate the range of flavors offered by this product, which is not limited to Sri Lankan style cooking.

Furthermore, the website offers invaluable information about the health benefits of the spices contained in the blends, so visit us to find out more about how chili alleviates arthritic pain, coriander fights cholesterol and cinnamon helps resist diabetes.

We invite you to explore the delicious culinary delights offered by Gourmet Goodness and also support a worthy cause, helping to support the poverty stricken and disenfranchised people of Sri Lanka as they struggle to build their lives and prosper with the help of the Foundation of Goodness. Every bite you take will nourish a community just as it nourishes you.


11th March 2014



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