Tesco joins the Foundation of Goodness

The Foundation of Goodness first met Tesco PLC through our sustainability income generation venture, Gourmet Goodness and since then, this relatively new relationship had blossomed in to one that holds great potential towards improving the lifestyles and living standards of countless rural, poverty stricken villagers.

Tesco is the world famous British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer who needs no introduction. Since coming onboard, Tesco has stepped up as a major sponsor to help support the sustainability costs of 10 out of 30 FoG empowerment sectors which include the Medical Centre and Dental Clinic, the Community Psycho-Social Unit, Environment Project Management, the Seenigama Diving & Training Centre, the Children’s Goodness Club, English Classes, Tamil Classes, Lahiru Pre-school and the Women’s Enterprise & Empowerment Centre. These sectors reach over 19,000 people every year through their services.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme with the FoG, in early March, Tesco PLC hosted a banquet in UK to raise funds for the Foundation’s sustainability as well as to showcase the amazing work that is being carried out across Sri Lanka, especially in the North.

It is pertinent to mention that we have just returned from our 39th consecutive monthly visit unwaveringly which has now reached 13,500 people assisted to in the North. Our long term goal is to have a benchmark institute like we see in the developed urban regions so as to ensure that we empower the disadvantaged rural kids whose parents lost out in achieving these standards owing to the 30 year conflict. But what we can do is to give hope to kids for a brighter future, and Tesco is very in tune with what we aspire to achieve in the North.

And as the Tesco tag line highlights, every little helps. We are very grateful that an institution of the magnitude of Tesco has embraced goodness to demonstrate values that benefit others enriching their quality of life.





01st April 2014



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