Best Performers Leadership Programme by Full Life Coaching

In April, Dr. Pujitha Silva and Rozaine Cooray along with Nilushka, Yohan and Tharaka from Full Life Coaching conducted a special leadership programme for year 2013’s best performers from the FoG empowerment sectors. The full day workshop was attended by 25 best performers from the FoG staff who were awarded certificates by Full Life and Forte for completing the workshop.

The workshop aimed to develop the talent and potential within these high performers by motivating them and giving them the skills and incentives to become good leaders, who could inturn, inspire and motivate those around them.

The programme focused on Self Leadership (leadership awareness, leadership drive, and leadership influence), Leadership Communication (skills for interpersonal leadership) and Community Leadership (team leadership and leaving a legacy).

The day’s activities were broken up into 5 sessions. The first, under the theme ‘Born to Fly’ was an awareness activity defining success. The second activity, called ‘Breaking Glass Ceilings’ worked on motivation & drive, purpose and goal setting. This is followed by the ‘Inspiring Role Models’ session that worked on communication skills and how the high performers could influence change in others. The fourth session was about building trust and community development while the very last session was a group drama activity titled ‘Leaving a Legacy’ to reinforce the knowledge gathered from the earlier sessions.

A follow up activity is scheduled to take place in 2-3 months following this workshop to ensure the set goals are reinforced.

Foundation of Goodness is delighted to have received this opportunity presented by Full Life Coaching and are privileged to have worked with them. We wish Full Life Coaching great prosperity and success in all their undertakings.


03rd June 2014



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