Assisting a family in Aralaganwila

Earlier this year, the Foundation of Goodness responded to an article which appeared in the papers about a family from Aralaganwila, a small village in the Polonnaruwa District in the North Central Province.

The family was mired in extreme poverty and was in desperate need for help. Living in a small mud hut without access to electricity, the father who was the main breadwinner suffered from a cataract and was in danger of losing his sight. The children were severely hindered in their educational activities as they could not afford adequate educational supplies and the lack of electricity made it difficult to study after dark.

The Foundation of Goodness team were deeply moved by their encounter with the family and were privileged to have the opportunity to hand over grocery packs with dry rations along with a cash donation for the father to receive the medical help needed for his cataract operation.

Four Essential School Supplies Packs were handed over to the children with material for their school uniforms, books, stationery, shoes, a lunch box and a water bottle so that they were well equipped to go to school and study hard in order to excel. Furthermore, a solar lantern was also handed over to the family so that they would no longer have to depend on oil lamps for light every night. This way, the children would be able to study with greater ease and all of the home’s residents would benefit from the light. We came to find out that all the children in the neighborhood come over to their house every night to study from the light of the solar lantern. In addition, we also received the good news that the father had successfully undergone the cataract operation.

We are able to conduct such heartwarming and necessary activities because of our kind donors who step forward to care for the community at large, reaching out to those less fortunate than themselves. While expressing our most heartfelt gratitude to our donors, we would like to invite anyone interested in such charitable activities to reach out to us and join the wonderful FoG family.



24th June 2014



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