Foundation of Goodness Dance Classes

The Foundation of Goodness’ dance classes were introduced in 2013 when we began to expand our teaching and vocational activities to include an arts and multimedia programme that would help rural students discover hidden talents related to extra-curricular activities that went beyond studying for vocational or academic purposes. Along with the dance classes, this programme also introduced music classes and stop-motion-animation workshops in an effort to broaden the horizons and hone the hidden talents of rural children and youth.

The dance classes train students in traditional and folk style dancing and it has been a great success. It has drawn a fair number of dedicated and enthusiastic students who had been interested in dancing but never had the time or money to pursue their interest. With severe financial constraints placed upon them, many village children are often forced to give up hobbies or extra-curricular interests that cost money simply because their parents cannot afford it. Families may scrape together some money for additional academic lessons or vocational courses that result in an income, but when it comes to aesthetics that are just as vital for nourishing the soul of the children, these interests are often overlooked as a frivolous and unnecessary waste of money.

These dance classes which are conducted free of charge are the perfect opportunity for such students who have the need but do not possess the means. Once the classes began, the talent came pouring in. Our greatest asset has also been in procuring Mr. Aijth Amarasiri as a dancing coach. He has the ability to really connect with his students, recognize their skills and talents and then work towards bringing them out and fine tuning them. He provides technical training of a very high standard which gives quick results in his students’ dancing.

He is also greatly loved by all his pupils as being a very approachable and kind teacher who gives them fatherly advice and guidance about their dancing and even more importantly about life, and how to successfully make their way through it.

After 8 months of training, the dance class organized a concert to demonstrate how far they had progressed in a very short period. The evening was a great success and all who attended were blown away by the level of skill displayed by the students. The dancers were all breathtaking and they showed great promise for the future. FoG Founder/ Trustee was inspired to initiate a ‘Goodness Dance Troupe’ following this performance and hopes to establish this group as a sustainable income generation venture which can help sustain the dancing programme and other such extra-curricular activities which bring a breath of fresh air to the village.


Some of the dancing students were very enthusiastic about the great opportunity that had come their way:

I am so thankful to the Foundation of Goodness for starting a dance class. The dance teacher, Mr. Ajith Amarasiri plays many roles for us. Sometimes he is like our teacher, at other times, he is like a father to us and most importantly, he is our friend. He has given us an incredible training and imparted his own knowledge and experience about performing on a stage, but his most important lesson has been that discipline is far more important than the greatest performance. His own humble and down to earth attitude was the best example for me of what true success in life is.

-Shaini Thulakshi

I was always interested in learning to dance but I never had the times or the means to pursue it. When Kushil Sir and the Foundation of Goodness started the dancing programme, I was delighted and attended the classes from the very first day.
This dancing class helped uncover hidden talents and as Mr. Ajith helped me correct my mistakes and work towards refining my style, he also taught me a lot of valuable life lessons. When we decided to organize a concert after only 8 months of training to showcase our talent, every one worked extra hard to make it a success. It was such an exhilarating experience that it motivated me even more to continue on this path.

-Asheni Deviki

I have only been participating in the dance classes for 6 months but within that time, I have noticed a very rapid increase in my dancing skills. I feel this is because Mr. Ajith gives us technical training of a very high standard. We are extremely lucky to study under such a talented dance coach and I am delighted by the amazing training I have received. I cannot describe how honored I feel to be a part of such a special class. Ajith Sir has been a wonderful teacher who has managed to draw out my best skills and fine tune them to allow me to deliver the best performance that I am capable of. He is a true treasure to our programme. I am incredibly grateful to the Foundation of Goodness for giving us this opportunity to pursue talents that would otherwise have been neglected.

-Nimesha De Silva


05th August 2014



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