Foundation of Goodness Essential School Supply Project

During our 15 years of community service, especially in the 10 years since the devastating Boxing Day tsunami, the Foundation of Goodness has grown far beyond the expectations of its humble beginning. Today, we provide free of cost services to over 30,000 beneficiaries across Sri Lanka via our 30 empowerment activity sectors every year. One of our greatest achievements has been the ability to continue and sustain even our earliest projects despite the rapid expansion of our work and the severe stress this has caused with regard to funding.

The Essential School Supply Packs programme is one such project that has thrived since the earliest days of FoG in 1999, and through it we have had the good fortune to provide school supply packs to 18,950 school children with financial difficulties.

Many of the children we encounter make a profound and lasting impact on us. Simple school utensils and stationary or a pair of shoes that we take for granted are a luxury for many of these children. During our final distributions for the 2014 school year in late January, we encountered children who had not yet been to school, even though the new term had started, because they did not have books or uniforms. It is heart breaking to realize that very young children are forced to discontinue their studies because they have no books to write on, and no pencil to write with when granting them access to these supplies lies within our grasp.

The reception at many of the school supply distributions are a truly special event, with young faces beaming with joy, and little hands clapping as hard as they can with overflowing happiness as they catch sight of the brand new bags of school supplies. Parents often seek us out after the distribution with tears of relief and gratitude upon their face as they tell us about the anguish they felt at being unable to provide their children with educational material. Some often admit that they have never seen such a complete set of equipment along with lunch boxes, uniform material and shoes in one place, having scraped together some money to buy a book or a pen once every so often over the school year.

As we stand on the brink of completing 20,000 deliveries this is the opportunity to for you to be a part of this amazing initiative. Help a poor child escape the cycle of poverty and give them the opportunity to realize their dreams of a better future. By sponsoring one bag, you are giving someone a new lease on life, and the chance to build an entire future.

For just $30 you can sponsor a school bag filled with books, stationary, mathematical equipment, crayons, a pencil box, a lunch box, a water bottle, material for school uniforms and a voucher for shoes. These bags are distributed to children from the North, South, East, West and central regions of Sri Lanka and across any other schools and areas which are in desperate need of help. Act now, this is your chance to light up the future of a hopeful little boy or girl.


28th August 2014



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