Tamsin Greenway visits FoG

The Foundation of Goodness recently had the good fortune of hosting Tamsin Greenway, the British netball player, who conducted a training session for our netball players.

Over the years, the FoG Sports Academy has had the good fortune of attracting a variety of high profile sportsmen and women who have shared their wealth of knowledge with our rural players. Through the Sports Academy, many of these village youth have had the incredible good fortune of meeting these sporting greats that many only dream of meeting. Just a few months before Tamsin’s visit, Olympic medalist water polo player Kiss Gergely had introduced water polo to the village.

Tamsin Greenway who first played for the English National Team in 2004 has competed in two Commonwealth Games (in 2006 and 2010), the 2007 Netball World Championship and the 2010 World Netball Series. Recently she has turned her attention to coaching, and she gave us a glimpse of her coaching skills during the coaching session she conducted at the FoG Sports Academy.

The local netballers from the region were not the only ones to flock to the netball court that day. Even our overseas volunteers were eager to get an opportunity to meet and be coached by Tamsin. With true enthusiasm and insight, Tamsin conducted a lively and engaging training session, demonstrating to all that she was not just a brilliant netball player, but also an excellent coach.

The opportunity to meet internationally recognized and medal winning sportsmen, and to train under them is a true gift to these rural children, and we are grateful to Tamsin and other generous spirited sportsmen who go out of their way to help underprivileged communities. The exposure to personalities such as Tamsin will not only improve the netball players’ skills, it will also inspire them to make great strides in their own game, and reach for the stars.

24th September 2014



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