Samutthana Teams visit the MCC Centre of Excellence

The Foundation of Goodness Community Psychosocial Unit (CPU) had the privilege of hosting multiple visits by Samutthana over the last month. Samutthana is the King’s College London Resource Centre for Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health whose main aim is to provide training and support for organizations and individuals.

With a special focus on trauma counseling and responding to the psychological needs of tsunami survivors Samutthana has collaborated closely with us over the years in conducting training workshops for our own CPU staff for capacity and skill building.

Most recently close to 80 psychologists and psychology students from the UK visited the MCC Centre of Excellence over the course of 4 separate visits. During these visits the teams toured the FoG facilities including the MCC Centre of Excellence and the Sports Academy to better comprehend the nature of the holistic development programmes undertaken by us. These students are affiliated with the National Youth Services Council and have been given different psychology related placements all over the country. During their stay they are living with local families in teams of 6.

In the evenings the Samutthana team organized activities with the different Children’s Goodness Clubs which emphasized team building and leadership skills.

The visits were an incredible experience for all the parties involved, and the FoG staff, beneficiaries and the Samutthana teams walked away with a wealth of knowledge and experience which would be invaluable for their personal and professional growth.

Visiting teams such as this constantly help to enhance the activities carried out by various FoG sectors and we are incredibly grateful for those who take the time to come and help us in our mission to deliver essential services to rural villagers.


01st October 2014



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