Edin and Tuder, FoG Success Stories

It always gives us immense pleasure to see the success of people whose lives we have been lucky enough to touch. Edwardedin Ratnam (Edin) and Gastor Rishanth Tuder are two such wonderful young men who we first encountered during the 2012 Murali Harmony Cup. Edin captained the Jaffna Schools Combined Team and Tuder was their wicket keeper and while the Jaffna Combined Team made it to the finals, they just missed winning the trophy that year.

While we were all very impressed to see the Jaffna Combined Team rise all the way to the semi-finals, having beaten the all island boys champion at the time, Trinity College, we were even more impressed by Edin and Tuder’s performance and passion for the game.

FoG Founder/ Trustee Mr. Kushil Gunasekera, Head of Sports, Mr. Anura De Silva and Mr. Charlie Austin were quick to note how much potential these boys had. In fact, this had been one of the main goals of the Murali Harmony Cup, to identify rural cricketers with great potential in order to improve their game and include them in strengthening Sri Lankan cricket.

Edin and Tuder went on to represent Sri Lanka in Singapore during the Murali Cup 2012 Unity Tour, as vice captain and wicket keeper respectively and upon their return, were encouraged to play club level cricket.

Originally playing for Tamil Union, the great Murali’s former team, the boys went on to a more ground breaking role playing for the very first Under 23 North East Combined Team as well as being the first Tamil representatives from the North to play in the southern Cricket Seenigama Team, truly embodying the spirit of the game which can overcome all barriers and create an environment for friendship and reconciliation to grow.

Edin And Tuder have also come on board at the Foundation of Goodness as Sports & North Coordinators and they play a crucial role in developing and expanding our North Empowerment Activities as well as assisting with the smooth operation of the Sports Academy in the South.

It is our most sincere wish to see them represent Sri Lanka as part of the National Team one day, and we are incredibly fortunate to have got to know these two remarkable young men. We wish them all the very best in every endeavor they strive to undertake in the future.



08th December 2014



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