Lakshan Pallegedara wins third place at the Sri Lankan

Inventors Commission National Awards

The Foundation of Goodness is delighted to congratulate Lakshan Priyanga Pallegedara from the graduating batch of Electrical Installation & Maintenance students for his great achievement of placing third at the Sri Lankan Inventors Commission National Awards for his remote control A/C Switch which is a great victory not just for himself, but also for the Foundation of Goodness and the entire community.

Lakshan was enrolled in the Electrical Installation & Maintenance course at the Foundation of Goodness and graduated with his batch in January. The truly wonderful thing is that Lakshan’s aptitude for the course material was such that he was already inventing innovative instruments even before he graduated from the course, and the invention which earned him a place of honour was put together during his time pursuing the electrical course.

A special mention must be made of the Electrical Installation & Maintenance Course Lecturer Mr. Michael de Silva whose dedication to his students and the course goes well beyond the material taught in class, for he encourages his students to invent and experiment, and guides them towards entering in competitions such as the Inventors Commission Award because of his own drive to see his students make the maximum use of the course and their own talent. He has played a key role in mentoring students like Lakshan towards achieving their full potential.

We are also incredibly grateful to Mr. Sapan Nainani and the Elizabeth & Nicholas Nainani Foundation for sponsoring the construction of the brand new and state-of-the-art electrical building which has created a space for students such as Lakshan to pursue their chosen craft, giving them access to the best of modern technology so that they can excel in life as per their talents and preferred profession.

Lakshan has proven that through hard work and dedication to a chosen craft, you can do great things and achieve your dreams. He is an example to all of us that the knowledge we possess can open many doors for us if we are willing to put in the hard work and think outside the box for ways to improve the world around us.

We wish Lakshan the very best of luck in all his future endeavors and encourage him to continue experimenting with his own capabilities so that he can introduce new and more innovative technology to help increase efficiency in our community, for his prosperity will pave the way for us all.

Congratulations Lakshan and good luck in all your future endeavors, we wish you great happiness and prosperity!


02nd February 2015



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