Gourmet Goodness Special Blends for Tesco

“Gourmet Goodness” (GG) is a unique spice product which delivers the most delicious and ingenious blends of lovingly prepared Sri Lankan spices, freshly packaged and ready for use. The product consists of natural ingredients most of which are sourced locally and bring the taste of Sri Lanka to your doorstep.

Gourmet Goodness was established as a sustainability income generation venture associated with the Foundation of Goodness which aims to help minimize the daunting task of dependence on external donor funding towards its humanitarian endeavors. 

GG blends mouthwateringly delicious Sri Lankan Spices with a few carefully selected ingredients from other origins of the highest quality which have been roasted to release their flavor and aroma, then blended together with special care to produce a superior taste experience which will bring Sri Lankan cuisine to your dinner table with ease.

In addition to the blends currently in the market, Gourmet Goodness is delighted to present three new special spice blends; Seafood Twists, Lime & Pepper Twist and Pepper & Cumin Twist which have been prepared specially for Tesco, where 100% of all Gourmet Goodness profits go to charity.

The three special blends with their colourful labels can be found on Tesco shelves in UK, be sure to grab yourself a bottle so that you may bring this taste sensation home to your table.

These quick and easy grinder bottles will help you add that extra twist to your meal whether it is to enhance the flavor for a special event or whip up a quick and simple meal at the end of a long work day.

You will also have the added assurance that for every bottle you buy; you will make a positive difference in the lives of rural communities through Gourmet Goodness’ support for the Foundation of Goodness, an organization which has worked towards bridging the gap between rural and urban sectors for 15 years in the South, North and East of Sri Lanka.

Gourmet Goodness and the Foundation of Goodness were fortunate to be linked with Tesco and in close partnership we were able to develop the product into another level, meeting with their very high standards for export and the launch is expected to take place in the UK in February with all of the profits directed to the Foundation of Goodness for its ongoing humanitarian endeavors.

It appears that it is the first food product directly purchased by Tesco from Sri Lanka, especially in support of the cause to enrich rural disadvantaged communities in making better progress and elevate their standards.

Additionally the partnership between FoG and Tesco has resulted in Tesco extending further sponsorship towards 10 productive empowerment sectors operated by the Foundation of Goodness to provide greater opportunities, facilities and training to talented rural children, youth and women to climb the ladder of success.

More details can be found under ‘Tesco’ on the ‘Products’ tab of our website, www.gourmetgoodness.lk





09th February 2015



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