Chagall Beauty Workshop in Seenigama

A team from ‘Chagall hair, face, body, nails’ headed by Gerald Solomons made a momentous visit to the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama to conduct an intensive workshop for the FoG Beauty Culture students.

The Beauty Culture course is one of the programmes run by the FoG Women’s Enterprise and Empowerment Centre which seeks to provide regional ladies with a relevant skill set that will set them up for future careers, whether it be through seeking employments in the competitive job market or setting up their own business or cottage industry. We are proud to have many of our beauty culture graduates go on to find employment at beauty care salons or open salons of their own. They have gone overseas too, to work at Beauty Salons. 

The beauty workshop conducted by Chagall was the very first of its kind, covering topics from head massage, hair cutting and styling, facial treatments, threading, make up and pedicures. Covering such a variety of topics and giving the students the first hand opportunity to watch and learn from premier professionals in the Sri Lankan hair and beauty industry was an unsurpassed experience for which we are incredibly grateful to the Chagall Team.
The dedication on the part of the entire Chagall Team who participated on this day voluntarily was incredible, and they stretched what was originally meant to be a half day session in to a full day’s workshop due to their dedication towards helping and training the students they met in Seenigama.

They taught the students that succeeding at their chosen career went beyond knowing how to cut hair or apply makeup, giving them inside tips to what it was like to be in the industry, and the level of dedication and hard work it took to ensure that the customer received the best possible experience at their own hands, even if it meant outing your own needs on hold for the duration of your work.

They proved this by exemplifying how the work at hand always took precedence, when they pushed of their own lunch and tea time to later and later hours just so that they could teach the students a little more, brushing off the delay saying that even when they were at work, they had to put off their lunch if it meant inconveniencing their customer or leaving him or her dissatisfied. The valuable insights in to the true dedication and sacrifice it takes to be in the service industry was just as important to these hopeful students who planned a future in this field as was the beauty tips and advice that the Chagall Team shared so readily.

At the end of the day, all the students who attended the programme expressed their deep gratitude at the opportunity to take part in this workshop, which gave them the chance to learn from such top notch professionals who were at the top of their game.

We wish to express our deepest appreciation and admiration to Gerald Solomons and his team Dilani, Kevin and Arjun for freely giving of their time and allowing us to present our students with this incredible, once in a life time opportunity. Thank you for this selfless act which will surely be a landmark experience for the Beauty Culture students.


Last but not least,  we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Tesco UK for their generous sponsorship of the FoG empowerment sectors including the Women’s Enterprise and Empowerment Centre which offers the Beauty Culture course free of charge, as well as Chathura and Avanka Wickramanakaya for sponsoring our new state of the art beauty solon.


10th March 2015



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