Kishani Alanki’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Kishani Alanki Perera, actress, model and TV presenter who also has a degree in law, is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Foundation of Goodness since 2013, ever since she first met Kushil Gunasekera through mutual friend, Jehan Mubarak and discussed with him her wish to get involved with philanthropy. Alanki was still new to the length and breadth of humanitarian activities taking place across the island and was enthusiastic when Kushil offered to mentor her forays in to philanthropy.

The more she learned about the plight of many Sri Lankan’s who struggled with the most basic needs, the more enthusiastic she was to do all that she could to help. She was deeply moved upon hearing about the struggles of young children, the glaring inequality between school going children from affluent families who are dropped at school in air conditioned vehicles, with bags filled with fancy new stationery and accessories, and children who are forced to walk over 10 kilometers every day in rain or shine just to attend school and who most often do not have a pair of shoes or the books and bag they need for their studies.

Having found a cause that she felt deeply about, Kishani dove right in to fund raising and creating awareness about supporting children from rural and poverty stricken areas, and her efforts were focused on FoG’s Essential School Supply Pack project to provide children with an year’s supply of educational needs from a bag, books, shoes, uniform material, lunch box, water bottle and stationery at the start of the new school year, and ‘Sanga’s Bikes for Life’ programme, initiated by FoG trustee and legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara which has delivered over 3,600 bikes since 2001 to rural villagers in the North and East who do not have any means of transport, a majority of whom are school going children who walk great distances to and from school every day.

Kishani not only donated many bikes and ESSP packs with the help of her friends and supporters, she also made a humanitarian visit to the North with the FoG team and participated in the distribution of bikes, books and was present at the handing over of tube wells to the rural villagers of Unchalkaddy who had difficulty accessing water. Her firsthand encounter with the daily hardships faced by people she personally met strengthened her resolve to do even more to help uplift humanity and we are very fortunate to have her steady support in raising funds to continue our humanitarian activities. In addition to visiting the North, Kishani also took the time to come to the MCC Centre of Excellence in the South on multiple occasions to supports graduation ceremonies, distribute school packs and for the opening of the FoG dive tourism centre, Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka for the 2014/2015 season.

People of Kishani’s caliber who want to use their own good fortune to help in every way they can to uplift those in poverty and need are a rare blessing. Her dedication to use the recognition she has gained through hard work to light up the lives of others is truly a noble initiative and we wish Kishani greater success and prosperity in her chosen careers and philanthropic endeavors.


18th March 2015



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