Basketball Sports Visitors Programme in USA

Last year, the Foundation of Goodness was approached by the U.S.Embassy in Colombo regarding a Basketball Sports Visitors Programme to the United States. The Foundation has worked closely with the U.S. Embassy and American Centre regarding various community development projects over the years and because of this reliable partnership, they requested merit based nominations for talented basketball players who fell within their criteria of being in the 14 – 17 years age range, who regularly played basketball as an organized sport.

The Sports Visitors Programme took place from the 10th – 22nd November, 2014 in Washington, D.C., and covered training, nutrition, fitness, life skills, conflict resolution, disability sports, and exposure to the unique American perspective on sports, and they were looking for participants from various regional, social, and ethnic groups. 

To our great delight, Anurein Gomez was selected to attend this programme from among the 10 worthy candidates nominated by the FoG and we were delighted to wish him the very best as he set off on this adventure.

Upon his return, Anurein was absolutely bubbling over with excitement about his experiences, thrilled at having been pushed to be his very best by supportive and encouraging coaches who helped him take his game to the next level. Besides improving his personal basketball skills, Anurein was thrilled to have been introduced to other activities that broadened his horizons including team building games, a day to shadow American teens through their school days as well as to interact and play basketball with American kids & disabled players to understand the many different dimensions of the game.

“I take this opportunity to thank the Foundation of Goodness and Sports United in making my basketball dream a reality”, said Anurein.

The Foundation of Goodness wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to the U.S. Embassy for giving us the chance to extend this opportunity to Anurein.

For more details, here is a presentation by Anurein himself.


25th March 2015



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