Pride of Lanka Lion Onesies


In December 2014, the Foundation of Goodness received a remarkable message. Dr. Sudesh Piyatissa is an Emergency Doctor from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for cricket. Ahead of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, he set up a non-profit small business and one area of focus was whipping up enthusiasm for the upcoming World Cup.

With a large number of enthusiastic Sri Lankans living on shore, it always elicits a large response whenever the Sri Lankan team plays a match on Australian soil, with fans arriving in droves to cheer on their favorite team. Cricket, as always, proves to be a great motivator to bring Sri Lankans together, whether at home or overseas. The 2015 World Cup held special significance as it was the last such tournament to be played by the beloved Sri Lankan cricketing duo, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena.

Dr. Piyatissa created the ‘Pride of Lanka’ website through which he sold lion onesies ahead of the upcoming cricket tournaments. We were delighted to find that he wanted FoG to come on board as the official charity supported by his endeavor, our own connections to the game fitting in perfectly with his attempts.

The lion suit was a wonderfully light hearted and fun way to show support for the Sri Lanka team during the World Cup, and the onesie included a special Foundation of Goodness pin, which promoted the Foundation while also displaying that this was not merely a profit making endeavor, but a gesture by a true fan of both the game of cricket and Sri Lankan motherland to do something good.

We were delighted to see the many happy faces that attended the games, clad in lion onesies to cheer on the Sri Lankan team, and the proceeds from the sales have now been channeled towards the Seenigama MCC Centre of Excellence where they sponsor the free of charge English classes offered to local rural youth.

The opportunity to develop their English skills will help these children and youth in their future endeavors, whether it be school work, research or their entry to, and progress in, the job market. Thank you Dr. Piyatissa for this incredible effort to support our country in so many different ways at once, through which you have made a difference in the lives of so many.


21st May 2015



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