Subway works with the Foundation of Goodness to gift meals to

special needs children

During a special morning event on the 29th of July, popular US-based food chain Subway handed over 50 Subway meals to Sri Lankan Cricketing Legend Muthiah Muralidaran, to be distributed by his charitable organization, the Foundation of Goodness.

Subway is celebrating its 50th Anniversary worldwide, as well as the completion of 1 year in Sri Lanka and have organized these events to give back to the community in appreciation of the support they have received from the Sri Lankan public.

Muthiah Muralidaran was representing the Foundation of Goodness (founded by Kushil Gunasekera in 1999) where he serves on the Board of Trustees, working to uplift the rural communities of Sri Lanka via FoG’s 30 empowerment activity sectors which reach over 30,000 beneficiaries from 100+ villages across the island, including the South, North and East.

The Foundation of Goodness has spent 16 years serving the Sri Lankan community across all ages, ethnicities, religions, languages and regions, and have worked hand in hand with Murali to support the Navodaya Special Children School (which provides an essential service to children with special needs) including refurbishing their building to make it more practical and environment friendly.

The 50 meal packs gifted by Subway were accepted by Muthiah Muralidaran and then immediately transported to the Navodaya Special Children School in Mount Lavinia (as facilitated by the Foundation of Goodness) where they were presented to the delighted young children for a unique midday meal that was both healthy and delicious.

Navodaya Special Children Foundation was established by Lakshmi Karunajeewa with the main objective of serving the children with special needs, by taking into consideration the holistic picture of the differently abled child so as to allow the child and their family to live as a part of the community with respect and dignity.

"Subway has taken the initiative to provide these children with food they've probably never eaten their whole life, and what's great is that this is healthy and tasty food. I sincerely hope that Subway continues to support them with an initiative of this nature at least once a month so these children have something to look forward to, in terms of different food." - Murali 

"Fundamentally, I think the fact that these kids don't have access to this kind of food made us want to embark on this initiative. It brings us great pleasure to partner with the Foundation of Goodness!" - Sharad Sri, Partner/ Head of Investments at Ataraxia Capital Partners 



03rd August 2015



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