OXadventure volunteers in Seenigama

OXadventure are the newest group to get involved with the Foundation of Goodness to conduct community aid visits, combining immersive and action packed tourism with volunteerism and positive social change.

OXadventure was initiated by Kuwaiti youth, with the mission to inspire youth through travel, charity and adventure, creating future leaders and global citizens with enriched minds who are able to utilize their learning and educational skills outside the classroom, in the real world. It also allows the youth to gain a deeper understanding of the world through living and working with locals.

The central idea here is to get people out of their comfort zone and bringing to their attention global and local issues that need their support. These trips have now developed into accredited internship programmes at several Kuwaiti universities.

The first ever OXadventure visit took place from the 8th to 21st August, with a second group following soon after from the 23rd of August till the 2nd of September. A third group is expected to arrive in October.

During their stay, the groups worked hard across a variety of projects, spending time with children from orphanages and conducting aged-care activities with the residents of elders’ homes, working with the FoG Children’s Goodness Clubs and putting in some hard work as they helped with the construction of the new BPO building coming up on the premises.

The teams also took time off to have some fun and enjoy their holiday experiencing the culture, taking in the sights and, of course, adventuring. They visited the FoG Sports Academy and spent an enjoyable day learning how to play cricket, an absolute must if you visit Sri Lanka.

The teams also visited the Udawalawa National Park to see local wildlife including the majestic elephants we are famous for, in addition to a visit to Kithulgala for adventure water sports such as white water rafting.

OXadventure also made further donations towards the FoG charitable endeavors to truly give back to the community they were visiting, in order to make a positive change in the lives of the villagers. After such an enjoyable experience with these groups, we look forward to more visitors from OXadventure.



16th September 2015



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