Volunteers Russ and Diane visit Seenigama

Russell Moon and Diane Sinnatamby are a dynamic husband and wife duo who recently visited the Foundation of Goodness in Seenigama to volunteer their time at two very important sectors; sports and medical.

Russ dedicated his time to the Sports Academy, conducting strength training exercises for the sportsmen and women, giving targeted attention which is essential towards developing their ability to perform at maximum potential.

The Sports Academy put emphasis on developing our sportsmen and women from a number of different angles, which is why we always appreciate special training sessions such as Russ’s strength training. These training sessions add more dimension to a variety of efforts which include weekly special training for selected elite squads, training at the FoG pool and gym, nutrition advice and mental strength development. Russ’s contribution helped us greatly in delivering a well-rounded programme which caters towards developing a variety of needs and skills.

While Russ was busy at the Sports Academy, Diane spent a very productive day working with the FoG medical clinic, helping our doctor in residence diagnose and treat the patients who come daily to receive free medical treatment. Her contribution made a significant impact in securing the health and well-being of many rural villagers who do not have access to medical treatment nor the financial means to purchase medication.

A heartfelt thank you goes out from FoG to Russ and Diane for this incredible contribution towards the well-being and development of rural Sri Lankan villagers!


23rd September 2015



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