Plates of Goodness

The Foundation of Goodness has introduced ‘Plates of Goodness’, cookery classes for traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, as yet another sustainable income generation venture of the Foundation of Goodness as part of the GoodnessWorks Global group which seeks to generate sustainability funding for the Foundation in order to increase self-sufficiency towards maintaining the wide variety of programmes delivered by us to total marginalized communities all across Sri Lanka to help them develop their standard of life.

Plates of Goodness has been introduced to the existing programmes offered by us for visiting groups such as our community aid volunteerism programme and the community aid sports tours which have seen great success over the past years.

Over the past two years, FoG has also launched innovative sustainability funding initiatives such as Gourmet Goodness, exotic Sri Lankan spice blends now offered for sale internationally and Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka; the dive tourism venture directly connected to our Seenigama Dive Academy which seeks to sustain the cost of free professional diving courses offered to regional youth to draw them away from the destructive practice of coral mining and divert them towards gainful employment in other areas.

The Plates of Goodness cookery classes were only introduced mid-2015 and we have already had four groups participate in these lessons, and have only had glowing responses. What is most appealing about these classes is that they take place in Seenigama and the visiting groups have a chance to see the village and at the end of the class they will have the satisfaction of knowing that all their money will go towards helping and uplifting that community.

This way, the groups will have an enjoyable time learning Sri Lankan cookery which is a great take away from any holiday, as you can bring the authentic flavor of your short lived holiday home with you, giving you a chance to re-indulge those exotic experience or simply share them with your friends.

The classes last between 2 ½ - 3 hours during which time the participants will get a hands on experience in how to cook authentic Sri Lankan food and teaching them the finer details will be professional chef Asiri who has years of experience from some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka before he came on board with us.

The cookery class can accommodate groups of up to 25 people and if it catches your eye, you can even buy one of the beautifully designed Plates of Goodness aprons as the perfect souvenir to take home with you to remember this experience.

If you would like to participate or learn more about Plates of Goodness, please contact our Head of Sustainable Development, Dilani Weerasuriya (Dilani@foguc.org) and get involved with this incredible venture to learn traditional Sri Lankan cooking, enjoy a delicious meal which you cooked yourself and most of all, to give back to a community that needs your help.


13th November 2015



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