Elizabeth Moir and Sonali Dharmawardena Conduct Tie Dye Workshops

The students of Elizabeth Moir School have been actively involved in conducting community aid projects with the Foundation of Goodness for many years now and with every new visit, we are truly impressed to find that they keep investing more and more energy towards this endeavor.

The students have had annual visits during which time they have engaged in beach cleaning programmes, got involved with our various activity sectors and visiting orphanages & elders’ homes to spend time with the residents.

Over the years, in addition to participating in the community activities, the students began to organize workshops to teach the local children and youth something new, useful and interesting. For example, in 2013, they organized an origami workshop for the Children’s Goodness Club and both parties spent a very enjoyable day doing crafts.

This year was their most spectacular effort yet, as the students organized a special fashion show fundraiser titled ‘Fusion Fashion’ with the hope of conducting art and design classes for underprivileged students through the Foundation of Goodness.

The Fashion Show was a great success and the students decided that they would like to conduct two tie dye workshops for the FoG Children’s Goodness Club (CGC) members. To make this event a great success, they recruited the help of none other than designer Sonali Dharmawardena who specializes in creating beautiful batik silk sarees.

What made these visits even more special was the inclusion of Ms. Elizabeth Moir herself along with Larry T. Hill who conducted special music sessions during the workshops.

Sonali and the students conducted a total of two tie dye workshops at the conclusion of which they also donated raw materials along with a cash donation to ensure the longevity of the programme they had now introduced to the CGC members.

The entire experience was an absolute delight for the CGC members who were thrilled not only at an opportunity to explore creative expression through the media of cloth and design, but also had a great deal of fun immersed elbow deep in buckets of vibrant dye!

A great big thank you goes out to Ms. Moir, and the students & faculty of Elizabeth Moir School for engaging with the community and doing so much to help impoverished communities with real enthusiasm and compassion, as well as to Sonali Dharmawardena and Larry T. Hill for taking the time to come all the way down to Seenigama and volunteering their time and energy to help rural kids.



02nd December 2015



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