Graduations in January 2016

January brings in a fresh new batch of students to the FoG educational and vocational courses and it also gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the outgoing group of graduates. This is the exciting time when we get to learn more about the hopes, dreams and motivations of the graduating students as they prepare for a bright future utilizing their new found knowledge and expertise.

At the Women’s Enterprise and empowerment graduation a total of 202 ladies from as many as 62 villages graduated this month, and we were especially glad to see the success of the more newly introduced courses including Saree Work and Screen Printing along with our more long standing classes. The bright display of their work by the patchwork, beeralu lace, dress making, curtain, saree work and screen printing students as well as the presentation of bridal fashions by the beauty culture students added even more colour to the event.

The delighted students were handed their certificated by Chief Guests Mr. 7 Mrs. Suriyakumar, special guest Mrs. Damayanthi Paranagama; the Divisional Secretary, FoG Founder and Chief Trustee Mr. Kushil Gunasekera and FoG Seenigama General Manager Mr. Sampath Viraj.

We were also delighted to welcome Mr. Santosh Menon and his team from BBDO Lanka as well as his lovely wife as chief guests for the IT, Language and Business Skills graduation. The guests were all welcomed in and ceremonial lit a very unique oil lamp designed in the silhouette of a photographer, so that as they lit the lamp, it looked like they were also being photographed. These special oil lamps are a very special part of our graduations as our students are always encouraged to come up with exciting and innovative designs that are outside the norm, as a way of displaying their creative thinking and a different approach to life.

We were thrilled to have 231 graduates in this group, and this brought our total number of students graduating in March up to 435, an incredible achievement for us, the students and definitely for their teachers.

This also brings us the perfect opportunity to thank our teaching staff, Mr.Saman Kumara, Ms. Gayani Nadeeka, Mr.Amila Dilruk, Mr. Alen Sahabandu, Ms. Chandra Abeynaike, Mr.Michael De Silva, Mr. Sudath Wijerathne, Mr. Raveendra Kapuge, Ms. Kanthilanka, Mr. Tripal Madurusinghe, Ms. Rashika Krishanthi, Ms. Volga Subhashini, Mr. Wenura Sajith Pradeepal, Mr. Asiri Jayawardena, Ms. Malani De Silva, and Ms. Thilaka Ranjani for their commitment in joining us as teacher and lecturers to help impart valuable knowledge to rural students who can then use these skills to better their lives and build a bright future.
To all our graduates, we wish you the best of luck and hope that a bright future lies ahead for you all!



15th January 2016



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