Workshops and Training for FoG

Here at the Foundation of Goodness, we believe in continuous ongoing training for our staff to ensure their personal development as well as for delivering efficient, high quality and up-to-date services. For this reason, we often have training camps, seminars and workshops for our staff to help them constantly improve.

Sr. Canice has regular sessions with our Community Psycho-social Unit, volunteers bring in valuable input and suggestions, specialized coaches work with our Sports Academy sportsmen & women and in the same way other sectors such as Women’s Enterprise & Empowerment Centre and BPO staff also have the opportunity to attend special workshops.

Dreamron have been conducting special sessions for the ladies from the Women’s Enterprise and Empowerment Centre since June 2015. The Nelson Family, Deepal, Dr. Champa and their son Dushinka conduct regular seminars and workshops on women’s health & beauty and have set up a programme for follow up consultations with medical professionals which has been hugely beneficial for our students and staff.

We also had a two day workshop conducted by Saman Thilake from Oriflame Lanka for 6 members from our Business Process Outsource Centre. Saman stayed in Seenigama for the duration to conduct two targeted and intensive sessions on ‘Self Development & Team Dynamics’ which was very important for the BPO crew who work hard as a team while reaching their individual goals every day. The BPO is a very important area of FoG as it is one of our most successful sustainability income generation areas.

On the first day of the workshop, Saman introduced the topic and spoke at length about concepts such as ‘I/WE’, paradigms, attitude, communication, public speaking and presentation skills. Day two picked up where the previous evening left off, with most of the day spent on public speaking and presentation skills and finishing off with a discussion about emotions and strategies for overcoming challenges.

At the end of the programme, the attendees were all presented with certificates and took away a wealth of knowledge which would serve them well in the future.

“Firstly I would like to thank you for giving a chance to participate in a LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM. Really it was a great opportunity for me. I hadn’t got any opportunity before like this. Leadership has the product that we all look for – the life you’ve always wanted! Leadership program has changed my life that is not a scam. We are hoping to participate another training programme like this. I can say now, YOU changed my life” - Dhanushka

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for giving me this opportunity to develop our Leadership skill & Communication skill successfully. We had a remarkable Trainer for this programme. Because his excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped us to improve our knowledge, skills & attitudes well.  Most especially, I want to Thank Mr. Saman Kumara who organized this effective training programme. It was very informative, very well presented and enjoyable. I have learned so much from this training that will assist me in my workplace. I have already started to use some of the communication strategies he gave us. Because I think this Training programme has helped to my career development. Thank you for investing in our success. We are hoping to participate another training programme like this.” – Ruma

“Firstly I would like to thank you for giving a chance to participate in a LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM. Really it was a great opportunity for me. I have been working here for about 4 and a half years but I hadn’t got any opportunity like this. So I think this was very helpful for my work life and life. Every day we are dealing with people. But we do lot of mistake when we are dealing with people. But I understood after Leadership Training Program how to work with people during work period or by associating people every time. Actually we are motivated and our life changed. I feel I am a new person and new thinker. Our programmer changed our attitudes, behavior and he helped us how to perform in front of people every time. I think we will get a chance to participate in a training program in the future too. As well, I would like to thank Saman sir who organized a training program like this and always dedicate for us.” - Iresha

“That Leadership Training Program really gave me a good foundation for what being a guide is all about. I guess I really learned from how you conducted yourself with the group and just how you went about everything”- Dilan

“Firstly I must to say thank you for giving us this programme and selected me. It was good experience our leadership skills, communication skills improve to success for my job as well as my life. I am motivated good attitude and behavior by our Trainer. How to work with people? How to understand them? How to listening? How to communication? How to speak in front of audience. I feel I am a good person and good thinker after this "LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME". It was very important programme because it was a practical example. Now I will practice it. I think we will get a chance to participate this experience important all of team”. - Chamali


17th February 2016



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