Meth Sewa Foundation - A Home for the differently abled

The Meth Sewa Foundation in Moneragala is a haven for children, youth and adults with special needs and disabilities. Founder Niroshan opened up his own home to welcome individuals with mental and physical handicaps, and give them a safe space to learn and grow, as one big family. Niroshan and his wife care for the residents and their resources are stretched thin in caring and providing for over 50 people, each with very specific needs.

FoG first made a connection with Meth Sewa in 2015 but that relationship progressed rapidly when we came to understand the incredible service they were providing, and the daily struggle they underwent to keep this home running.

After an initial donation to help sustain them for monthly necessities such as food and water bills, we were able to work with our amazing donor base to help ease the burden placed on Niroshan and his family, and to help the residents experience a better standard of living.

The first big donation came from Marcelle Moran from Australia, who has often displayed her heart of gold in working with us to help rural villagers in need. Marcelle initially wanted to donate towards a different project, but when she heard that 4 severely handicapped children were hospitalized due to bed sores and badly needed water mattresses, Marcelle was eager to help.

During the visit to deliver the water mattresses, we also had the chance to donate toys, clothes and dry rations donated by our many donors as well as to conduct a quick needs assessment as to what else was needed to help the children be more comfortable. It became quite apparent that the home was well over capacity, and in need of more beds and wheel chairs therefore this became our next goal for Meth Sewa.

It can never be said enough that the FoG family is exceptionally compassionate, and quick to step up in a moment of need. Therefore, they rallied around this cause as well and soon we had 11 wheelchairs ready to be delivered! Five specially designed wheelchairs for disabled children were donated through a collaborative effort between the Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan and it’s Australian counterpart, and six more came from Mr. & Mrs. Christian and Gillian Szita from UK.

We were also able to donate 15 new beds (with mattresses) with donors Dhanesh Kellapatha and his friend Rene Poret donating 5 beds each, and the Foundation contributing towards the last 5 beds.


Visits were also made by volunteers Rachel Dennis from UK and Jessica Gordon from New Zealand. Rachel first made the trip to Meth Sewa during a previous visit made by FoG, and she was so blown away that she had a special fundraiser amongst her family and friends and followed up with a Christmas visit, bringing along the gifts she had purchased. This was Rachel’s 3rd visit and once more, she had brought along many items purchased with help from family and friends including dry rations, kitchen equipment such as a rice cooker, cutlery & coconut scraper, toiletries, costume jewelry and hair accessories, bed linen and toys (including a new child's bike).

This was Jessica’s very first time visiting Meth Sewa, and as a dentist, she had come prepared for a special oral care clinic. She was able to really make the most of the visit, examining each of the residents under very challenging conditions. She also provided detailed recommendations and case notes on each patient and discussed with Niroshan about how to care for the patients’ oral health, including toothbrush care & hygiene, regularity of brushing and techniques to use with residents who have conditions that make it difficult for the caregiver to brush their teeth.

The Foundation of Goodness remains committed towards providing more comforts and opportunities to those at the Meth Sewa Foundation to help them create a better life and to assist Niroshan and his family in providing this noble service for those most in need of love and compassion.

“Thank you very much to you and all at the Foundation of Goodness .You have been very helpful for Children with Special Needs. I like to say that I am happy to have you in our midst.

 Thank you very much once again and May you be blessed in all your good work at all times”

  • Niroshan 

To learn more about Meth Sewa Foundation, please visit: http://methsewa.org/index.html



25th February 2016



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