FoG Village Heartbeat Projects

With the success of the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama, the Foundation of Goodness noticed that there were many villagers who wanted access to those resources but lived too far away to travel to Seenigama for the courses and programmes. This lead to the introduction of the Village Heartbeat Project concept which sought to introduce select key services and courses we offer via the MCC Centre of Excellence to more distant and rural villages, delivering the most core courses in a nutshell to benefit under-served communities seeking new opportunities to develop their lives and careers. 

When the Village Heartbeat Project concept was first introduced, FoG Founder/ Chief Trustee Kushil Gunasekera dreamt of establishing centres in rural villages all across the island. The first Centre opened in Udumulla in 2007, with a second one introduced in 2010 to Rathgama, both villages are located in the South, in relatively close proximity to Seenigama. In 2014, we were able to open a VHP centre in Hingurukaduwa- Monaragala, followed by our 4th centre in Gandara- Matara which opened in 2016 taking our expansions even further south and all the way to the southeast.

The momentum did not stop there and plans are now underway to open new Centres in Tirukkovil (East), Eravur (East) and Mathagal (North). Lands in Ja-ela (West), Mirissa (South), Hiniduma (South), Bandarawela (Sabaragamuwa Province), Mahiyangana (Uva Province), Welikanda (East) and Oddusuddan (North) have also been donated towards FoG to promote this concept, and we are currently in the process of seeking donors and partners who will help us develop new VHP Centres in these areas.

Our greatest hope is to give villagers all across Sri Lanka an opportunity to realize their true potential, whether it be kids succeeding at their studies, youth learning a new craft or industry to gain financial stability or the empowerment of women. The courses offered at each VHP centre is catered to the needs of each community but they always offer all or most of the following key programmes:

Computer Training
English Classes

Women’s Enterprise Courses
Youth & Women’s Empowerment Programmes
Children’s Goodness Club

Village/ Environment Improvement Plans
Spiritual training to improve the quality of life
Volunteer expertise oriented programmes

In addition, we offer a variety of additional classes and courses including language classes (Sinhala and Tamil), Grade 5 Scholarship classes and music lessons as per the needs of the local communities, and offer Essential School Supplies packs to the Children’s Goodness Club members at the start of each school year. Our one goal is to give these rural villagers every opportunity they need to succeed and develop while also inculcating good values and morals to create a truly exceptional society.

A big thank you goes out to our partners who have played a crucial role in expanding our VHP network, including the Lak Aruna Foundation, the Najeeb Deen Foundation and the Youth Progressive Foundation and look forward to future collaborations which can help us reach even more communities across Sri Lanka.


04th May 2016



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