Beneficiaries Giving Back

The Foundation of Goodness takes great pride in our unique development concept, providing free of charge services in order to give new opportunities to rural communities and the only thing we ask in return is that these beneficiaries complete a community aid project during their time with us, in a gesture of giving back to society.

The reason for this is that we hope to create a kinder and more conscientious society which is as rich in life values as it is in life skills, so that while each individual develops, it is reflected in their community as well, where the people take care of each other and their village.

Over the course of 2015 our beneficiaries raised and carried out community aid projects amounting to a little over Rs. 240,000/- in a gesture of goodwill and an acknowledgment of passing on the kindness they received by way of free classes and services.
The students and beneficiaries are able to carry out a wide range of activities from the funds they raise from medical expenses for villagers who can’t afford treatment to purchasing groceries for families that go hungry and completing household repairs. Through these activities they strengthen their bonds within the community and learn to care for each other, which ensures that no one gets left behind.

Although many of the beneficiaries who visit our medical centre are too poor to afford doctors’ appointments or to purchase medication, those who are able to do so donate a small amount at the collection till by the clinic and with these funds the medical centre staff were able to appropriately channel the funds to some patients who needed extra help, such as transport costs to visit the hospital for further treatment, special diapers for a child with a urinary tract infection, specialized milk powder for a child with nutritional deficiencies, the treatment of cancer patients and towards purchasing eye lenses for surgery. They were also able to make donations in other areas such as for roof repairs of a very needy beneficiary and groceries for a hungry family.

The students from the various courses offered at our Women’s Enterprise and Empowerment Centre, Computer Training Centres, Business & Language Skills Centre, Village Heartbeat Projects and Diving & Training Centre were also able to carry out a large number of community aid activities including donating groceries, enabling the repairs and electrical wiring for the homes of poverty stricken villagers who were living in dilapidated homes, caring for the residents at local Elders’ Homes,  purchasing school items for children and medical expenses for villagers who were desperately in need of help  recovering their health but could not afford the treatment.

The Sports Academy went above and beyond in 2014 by completing the construction, wiring and painting for the home of a very poor family who had been living in truly desperate circumstances in their half built home which was roughly patched up by thick plastic sheets where there would have been walls.

In addition to monetary donations, the Diving & Training Centre students conduct weekly beach cleaning programmes to keep the local shores pristine, and they are sometimes joined by beneficiaries from various FoG sectors, and the medical clinic also conducts monthly welfare visits to local Elders’ Homes to make sure the senior citizens remain in good health.

Seeing these projects carried out warms our hearts, because this is the true goal of FoG; to help create a caring and giving society that looks out for each other and helps to lift each other up, always assisting someone who needs help, even if you are struggling yourself. When it comes to giving, it is always the right time to do it!


11th May 2016



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