Post-Resettlement Flood Relief Phase 2

The Foundation of Goodness has completed Phase 2 of the Post-resettlement Flood Relief Programme. Phase 1 was the gifting of grocery packs to 100 families with a pack averaging at Rs. 25,000 each, for a total cost of Rupees 2.5 Million (USD 17,241).

For Phase 2 we added 21 new families to our existing list of beneficiaries for a total of 121 families who were severely affected by the flood damage. These families received a household pack amounting to Rs. Rs. 2,707,375/- (USD 18,801/-) containing the following items;

 Mattress (x2)
Bed Sheet (x4)
Pillow (x2)
Pillow Case (x4)
Towel (x4)
Mosquito Net (x2)
Plastic Table
Plastic Chairs (x4)
Cooking Pot
Cooking Pans (x2)
Coconut Scraper
Aluminum Kettle
Aluminum Cups (x4)
Aluminum Jugs (1xSmall, 1xLarge)
Spoons (2xTea Spoons, 3x Table Spoons, 3x Coconut Shell Ladles)
Plastic Bottles to store Spices (x5)
Cutting Board
Plastic Bucket (x2)
Water Container (5l)
Ekle Broom

In addition, 112 school aged children from these families received an Essential School Supplies Pack and a 12 month scholarship to help them continue their studies without interruption and make the most of their education. The scholarships (Rs. 24,000 per child at Rs. 2,000 a month for 12 months) cost a total of Rs. 2,688,000/- (USD 18,667/-).

The Essential School Supplies Packs cost a total of Rs. 336,000/- (USD 2,334/-) at Rs. 3,000 per head (please note that the monetary cost for these packs is lower than the amount quoted for the regular FoG ESSP packs since many of the items included were donated by the Colombo Model United Nations stationary drive) and included the following items; 

The Essential School supplies packs contained the following items:
 Material for School Uniform
School Bag
Shoes and Socks
Exercise Books- 120 pages (x8)
CR Book
Drawing Book- 40 pages
Felt-tip pens (6 colours)
Crayons (25 colours)
Box of Coloured Pencils
Pencil Box
Box of Mathematical Instruments
Lunch Box

The total cost for the FoG Phase 2 distribution stands at Rs. 5,731,375/- (USD 39,801/-)

All household packs and educational scholarships were sponsored by the CCC Foundation. A big thank you goes to CCC Foundation, Scott Walker, Bill Deutrom and Jetha Devapura from Australia & the team locally led by Suresh Mendis.

Subway Sri Lanka also donated 200 meals which were distributed amongst the children and families who were present at the distribution, which put giant smiles on many young faces.

FoG also expresses its heartfelt thanks to all our beloved donors from around the world whose contributions towards our flood relief efforts helped us deliver the Essential School Packs to 112 delighted children.

With your help these families have been relieved of a great burden and are able to resume their daily lives instead of having to struggle, unable to replace the items they lost or send their children back to school due to a lack of funds. 

During our visit to Sedawatta on the morning of 13th Monday prior to the distribution and during the phase 2 distribution itself we had many families who expressed their overwhelming gratitude for the helping hand they received in overcoming what may otherwise have been an insurmountable obstacle. The joy on their faces were put there because of the kind generosity of our donors and we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the support we received.

The Foundation of Goodness will now begin planning Phase 3 which will include painting of the homes, livelihoods restoration and loss & trauma counselling. Please await more updates as we make progress with Phase 3.

15th June 2016



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