LBW Trust together with Batting for Change deliver 100 more scholarships to Sri Lanka

The LBW Trust which stands for ‘Learning for a Better World’ is an organization based in Sydney, Australia that seeks to provide educational scholarships to economically disadvantaged students in developing cricket playing countries to help them complete their tertiary education. The acronym ‘LBW’ which also means ‘leg before wicket’ in cricketing terms hints at the trust’s close connection to the game and they draw on the worldwide appeal of cricket to generate funds from the international cricket community.

The LBW Trust are joined by the Batting for Change organization who conduct fundraising to support the LBW scholarship programme.

LBW Trust supports over 1,500 students across Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, Jamaica, Uganda and Afghanistan.

Their partnership with the Foundation of Goodness began in 2013 when FoG trustee Kumar Sangakkara who was captaining the Sri Lankan cricket team at the time was invited to speak at the LBW Trust’s 7th Annual Dinner where he gave a lengthy description of his work at the Foundation of Goodness.

Soon after, LBW Trust pledged 50 scholarships to be delivered via the Foundation of Goodness to a selection of tertiary students covering all communities and ethnicities. Over the years, LBW Trust has contributed to more and more scholarships until 100 new scholarships distributed over the months of May and June 2016 brought their total to 275 educational sponsorships.

While all the sponsorships have been to tertiary students, the most recent 100 scholarships were specially targeted to ladies who were pursuing a university degree in a bid to encourage women’s higher education which is crucial in their role as a decision maker about their own lives and income, paving the way for a more independent and strong female community.

The scholarships were divided between students in the South & West, North and East of Sri Lanka covering all ethnicities, languages and religions.

We at the Foundation of Goodness are deeply grateful for the continued support of LBW Trust and Batting for Change who have been instrumental in ensuring that hundreds of rural Sri Lankans complete their tertiary education by supporting them through their university years.

13th July 2016



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