Mercedes Benz, Sydney together with LBW Trust and Batting For Change deliver 72 Computers

LBW Trust (Learning for a Better World) is an organization based in Sydney, Australia who do extensive work around the world with other cricketing nations to develop education amongst under-privileged students.

LBW Trust along with Batting For Change who conduct numerous fundraising efforts for the former have been working with the Foundation of Goodness over the years to deliver scholarships to tertiary students across Sri Lanka in a bid to encourage their successful conclusion of their higher studies which will give them the best possible chance in life at succeeding.

Having delivered 275 scholarships through the Foundation of Goodness to date, we were delighted when LBW Trust introduced us to Mercedes- Benz, Sydney who joined together to donate used computers to the Foundation.

Access to computers is still very limited across rural Sri Lanka and it is essential to help children and youth from remote villages gain access to computers and become more familiar with information technology so that they can access the world of information freely available to them.

Therefore the 72 used computers donated by Mercedes- Benz, Sydney is a monumental contribution that will go a long way towards giving these kids a chance to enter the information super highway that is the internet as well as give them the ability to use various programmes to study and complete their school work more efficiently as well as to develop their creativity and knowledge base.

These computers have now been distributed to various FoG IT Centres including the MCC Centre of Excellence IT Centre which helps 300 beneficiaries annually and a variety of our Village Heartbeat Projects including Udumulla, and Rathgama in the South, upcoming VHP centres in the East such as Eravur and Thirukkovil and even schools and orphanages in Vavuniya and Ramanathapuram (North) respectively.

In total, it is estimated that over 750 beneficiaries will use these computers from all across Sri Lanka which will make an incredible impact in their lives! Thank you Mercedes- Benz, Batting For Change and LBW Trust for this incredible endeavor which will make a lasting impact for the betterment of rural lives.


21st July 2016



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