Children’s Goodness Clubs in Action

The Foundation of Goodness introduced Children’s Goodness Clubs for the kids who attend various classes and programmes at FoG in an attempt to inculcate good values and leadership qualities in the future generations. There are currently 7 clubs in action; Seenigama, Udumulla, Rathgama, Akurala, Kahawa, Moneragala and Matara.

The children who are a part of these clubs gain a wealth of experience ranging from leadership training, creative activities, life skills and good values. The final aim of the CGC clubs is to produce exceptional young people who will make a positive change in their community and in the world.

These clubs also give the kids a chance to engage in positive useful activities that keep them away from negative influences that can be detrimental to their growth.

The CGC members often benefit from the skills and experiences of FoG volunteers and supporters. Over the past two months, some of the activities that the members have participated in include a cake and cookie making class with Lasanthi who owns a very successful confectionary business, ‘Ambrosia’ and she took the time to not only teach the kids how to bake cakes and cookies but also to explore their creative sides by decorating the goodies themselves. Following the workshop, Lasanthi donated all the bakery equipment she used to the Foundation of Goodness.

Another interesting workshop the children attended was a card making programme conducted by Ms. Vakthra Gunasekera who taught them special tips and tricks to creating the most beautiful homemade cards.

The students found an ingenious way to combine creativity and awareness creation when they put on a very unique fashion show earlier this year. What made it so special was that all the clothes they modeled were put together by the kids using recycled material. It aimed to increase local awareness about recycling and reusing while also reducing waste.

Our volunteers also like to get involved and impart their knowledge to the kids. Thibaut and Claire Benoist from France initiated one of the most useful programmes that would definitely play a key role in the kids’ safety through their Martial Arts & Self Defense workshop. After demonstrating the self-defense maneuvers, they then had the kids practice with each other to perfect the moves. Now the children will be more prepared to protect themselves in an adverse situation. The siblings also conducted drama and gymnastics workshops for the kids which was a great way to have fun and learn new skills at the same time.

The Kahawa Children’s Goodness Club had also organised a special ‘Parents Appreciation Day’ to thank their parents for all their love and care, acknowledging the tireless effort they put into raising the kids. The children also had the opportunity to tell their parents how much they loved them despite being naughty sometimes, and asked for forgiveness if they had ever hurt their feelings through a thoughtless act or deed. The children and parents left that day with strengthened bonds and a greater appreciation of each other.

The kids are currently practicing hard for an upcoming speech contest, which is one of many events that take place every year giving them a chance to display their skills and talents. Other such events include concerts, dance performances, kite festivals and poster exhibitions all aimed at helping them make the most of their talents, build confidence and excel in life.


31st August 2016



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