In Appreciation of FoG Staff

The Foundation of Goodness is fuelled by passionate staff members who view their work with FoG as more than just a job. As such we often see staff members who go above and beyond their work specifications to help rural beneficiaries in need.

We have had staff donating from their personal funds as well as those who have brought together a number of kindhearted supporters to raise funds for different projects.

Often, beneficiaries in dire need who are sick, aged, frail and usually seeking us out in desperation as their very last hope make their way to the FoG offices with truly heartbreaking stories of their plight. On these occasions the staff rise up as one, taking up collections amongst themselves to help such beneficiaries who find every day a struggle.

Some staff bring together family and friends to raise funds for various welfare projects or special one off programmes such as the yearly Essential School Supplies Packs to help impoverished kids stay in school and succeed at their education. Others donate personal funds for a variety of programmes ranging from welfare, educational scholarships and medical donations to bicycles for students in the post-war North.

We had one staff member who organized for a group of relatives who were visiting from overseas to travel around Sri Lanka, and when the hotels presented him with an agent’s fee he donated the amount to FoG in the name of his family.

Yet another staff member sold her jewellery to sponsor the construction of a well and toilet in the North as part of FoG’s Neethipuram Water and Sanitation Programme put in place to help rural populations rebuild their lives speedily following years of devastation due to the civil conflict.

Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to the FoG workforce who have engaged their hearts, working with real passion to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. Together, we always strive to make the world a better place.


23rd November 2016



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