Elizabeth Moir School Good Values Initiative distributes Essential School Supplies Packs

The Foundation of Goodness recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Elizabeth Moir School in establishing a ‘Good Values Initiative’ among 50 pupils.

This Initiative aims to develop good values among children and youth, and is based on similar groups that exist at all FoG project centres from the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama to the many Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres situated across the island.

Its aim is to ensure that children are not only rich in knowledge, but are also enriched by sound morals and a sense of responsibility towards ensuring the wellbeing of others. All members receive a Goodness Journal where they will keep a record of all the good deeds they carry out daily.

The Good Values Initiative undertook two big projects from the very start- the ‘Closet Project’ and the FoG Essential School Supplies Programme.

The Closet Project involved collecting toys, clothes, shoes, books and sports equipment to be donated to rural impoverished children and the members were able to collect 20 boxes of items, which will be distributed amongst disadvantaged communities by FoG.

The Good Values Initiative also went on to raise funds for the FoG Essential School Supplies Programme, through which they would be able to reach out to fellow students who were less privileged than themselves.

Working under the motto of “What I have, you must have too” the kids worked hard to collect funds so that rural students could have a school pack filled with stationery and other essential items necessary to begin the new school year, just as they themselves did.

Raising money through bake sales and other projects such as gaming competitions among their school mates, the Good Values Initiative were able to raise an impressive Rs. 217,000/- towards this venture.

Having collected the funds, the students travelled to the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama where, after touring the premises, they personally handed over the school packs to 50 kids from the Seenigama Children’s Goodness Club and 12 kids from the Udumulla Children’s Goodness Club.

Sashima and Rumeshi who are now coordinators of the Children’s Goodness Clubs took this opportunity to talk about their time as members of the CGC clubs, explaining that they learnt to become leaders through the clubs, and how they are now passing on their knowledge to the upcoming CGC members, ensuring the cycle of goodness continues.

We are excited to find out what lies ahead for the Elizabeth Moir School Good Values Initiative, as the kids continue their endeavor to do good and make the world a better place.



29th November 2016



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