Tribute to Two Special Donors

The story of FoG is also the story of our generous donors and the incredible beneficiaries who are offered new opportunities in life because of their help. This is a special tribute to two very exceptional donors, Ursula Delfosse and  Karen England whose unwavering dedication towards helping those in need has meant that month after month, year after year, they have been with us to uplift those most in  need, giving them a better chance for a bright future.

Ursula Delfosse from Switzerland was a good friend to FoG Founder Kushil Gunasekera long before she was ever a donor to the Foundation, having been pen pals since their youth- a friendship that is still going strong decades later fueled on by their mutual love for philanthropy and the kind hearted desire to help others  in need.

Ursula has been donating towards humanitarian and welfare programmes conducted by the Foundation of Goodness ever since its inception, comparing all the privileges and opportunities she received during her life in Switzerland with those of the poor rural villagers of Sri Lanka struggling to make ends meet. This incredible self-awareness coupled with great compassion has meant that she has never wavered in all the years of philanthropy.

Just over the course of the past few years Ursula’s donations have helped students receive educational scholarships, aged beneficiaries living in elders’ homes have been helped through her sponsorship of their caretakers’ allowances or new washing machines for their care facility, new mothers have also received her help as have special needs children and ailing beneficiaries with medical needs and she has even donated towards updating the facilities at the Weherathenna School.

Karen England first started donating towards FoG welfare requests in mid-2016. Having heard about us from trusted friends, she had followed our activities on Facebook. When we published some urgent welfare requests on Facebook, looking for donors to help beneficiaries in need, Karen was quick to step up. After that initial donation she would return month after month to help us with these urgent requests, with a special interest in helping those with pressing medical needs ranging from spinal problems and cancer to surgical and cataract patients.

Karen has also donated towards welfare projects such as roof restorations for a very poor beneficiary’s home and the FoG Essential School Supplies Programme which provides a year’s supply of school needs to rural children who cannot afford to buy them ahead of the new school year.

We were delighted when Karen flew down to visit us in January, spending time at the MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama, seeing all our projects in action and experiencing firsthand how her donations  were helping people to improve their lives and gain new hope for the future.

Ursula and Karen, we can’t thank you enough for your support, and with your help we will continue to help those most  in need, to lift them up when they are at their most helpless and ensure that they will have a  better tomorrow. Your kindness and generosity helps to make the world a better place!



03rd March 2017



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