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FoG Elocution Students

In 2015 the Foundation of Goodness introduced elocution classes to Seenigama Pre-schoolers and Year 1 students to improve the diction and fluency in the English Language. The effort was aimed at giving rural kids a strong foundation in English during the earliest stages of their education so that the kids would grow up confident and familiar in the use of the English language.

These classes have been a very important supplement to the kids’ usual English lessons, as it encourages the practical use of the language so that the children perfect their diction and pronunciation right at the start. This way, they are far more capable and confident when it is time to speak to others in English.

Although we have not yet completed two years since commencing these classes, we can see incredible progress among the children. Kids who used to be too shy and scared to speak in English now perform proudly at our talent shows, displaying their proficiency through drama, poetry and song.

Since 2016 all of our students attending their examination at the Institute of Western Music and Speech have performed very well. Not only have all the students passed, many have scored 100% on their exams and even received prizes for their achievements.

Most recently, 8 of our students who undertook the preliminary grade exams scored 100% at their tests, out of whom N.Thathsilu and S.P.Kumari received prizes at the Award Ceremony held in Colombo. Little Chamalya Hirundi De Silva was also able to win the Spoken English prize for the second year running!

A big thank you also goes to the elocution teacher Ms. Ruvini Prasadi for all her efforts in developing the kids’ English skills.
We are delighted by the advances made by our elocution students and hope that the kids will be able to build upon this foundation to attain future success.







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