Solar Power for the MCC Centre of Excellence and Seenigama Sports Academy

As a keen supporter of green energy the Foundation of Goodness has always seen renewable energy sources as the way forward. While it has been a long held dream of FoG Founder Kushil Gunasekera to install Solar Power at the MCC Centre of Excellence, the large financial commitment required for the installation was a hurdle which remained difficult to overcome.

What seemed to be an impossible dream was suddenly achieved with the help of one very special donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Heading a highly respected corporate institution, he walked in to tour the FoG facilities in Seenigama earlier this year.

Having toured the premises and seen firsthand the large variety of programmes carried out by the Foundation of Goodness to uplift rural villagers through a holistic approach, he was inspired to make a contribution towards the success and longevity of the Foundation.

His incredibly magnanimous gesture was to donate the total cost of USD 65,000/- towards generating solar power to meet the entire electrical needs at the MCC Centre of Excellence and Sports Academy.

Through this unprecedented move, the donor has not only paved the way for our long term sustainability, but also freed up essential resources that can now be used to conduct many more humanitarian activities.

This is the single largest individual contribution we have received by a donor simply walking in to the Foundation of Goodness without a preconceived plan and offering silently such a magnificent gift which only the extremely rare kind can do so, unasked.

Having installed these units which removes a great burden of expense, the Foundation of Goodness can now direct all the funds saved through the use of solar energy towards helping even more under-served communities to excel in life, through which this contribution has the ability to touch thousands of lives for many years to come.


18th May 2017



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