Flood Aid Programme- 2017

Following the devastating floods caused by the South- West monsoon affecting 15 districts in Sri Lanka, the Foundation of Goodness continues its multi- phase aid efforts to help communities recover, and regain normalcy speedily.


The Foundation of Goodness deployed its boats for rescue/ relief efforts and also distributed 1,000 packs of food and water to families that were left stranded by the rising flood waters.

The total cost for the project was Rs. 135,864/- (US$ 894)

75 grocery packs were also distributed among families in Kolonnawa. The total cost for the project was Rs. 135,864/- (US$ 894)

Subway Sri Lanka donated 100 meals to be given to families in affected areas.


The Hiniduma School in Galle District was submerged by the floods and 45 classrooms were repainted to help the children resume lessons with ease. A total of 735 children have benefitted.

The total cost: Rs. 372,642/- (US$ 2,452/-)

The Foundation of Goodness has also cleaned wells that were polluted and damaged by the floods to help villagers from Matara and Galle regain access to clean water. The cost incurred is only for the equipment.

Total number of wells cleaned:

Galle: 48

Matara: 51

The total cost: Rs. 545,425/- (US$ 3,589/-)

We were also able to distribute shoe vouchers to young students who were affected by the floods with the kind donations made by our Trustee Pradeep Karunagaran’s young daughter, who requested donations towards the flood victims instead of gifts for her 8th birthday which was an incredibly thoughtful and altruistic sentiment by someone so young. Both of Pradeep’s young daughters flew down with him from Singapore to make the presentation which was truly touching.

Special Fundraisers

Roshan Liyanage’s Facebook Fundraiser

We were able to repair and repaint the classrooms at 9 preschools & one school and also updated the electrical work, repainted the classroom furniture and the play equipment at some of the schools.

The schools are:

Vijayanda Pre-school- Habarakanda, Thawalama
Navodaya Pre-school, Nattanpitiya, Thawalama
Vidyaraja National School- Thawalama
Singithi Pre-School- Maliduwa, Akuressa
Sri Jinananda Pre-school- Athuraliya
Mahamaya Pre-school- Pasgoda
Sri Somaratne Pre-school- Malimbada
Little Star Pre-school- Weligama
Widusiri Pre-school- Akuressa
Sarana Pre-school- Tibbotuwawa

Furthemore, 500 Essential School Supplies Packs were provided to the children attending the above school and pre-schools.


Essential School Supplies were provided for 950 children who were affected by the floods as follows:

90 kids- Elpitiya, Galle District
600 kids- Nupe, Matara District
260 kids- Kolonnawa, Colombo District

The Essential School Supplies Packs contained the following items:

Material for School Uniforms
School Bag
Shoes and Socks
Exercise Books- 120 pages (x8)
CR Book
Drawing Book- 40 pages
Felt-tip pens (6 colours)
Crayons (25 colours)
Box of Coloured Pencils
Pencil Box
Lunch Box

Adittionally two toilets were built at the Vijayananda Preschool, Tawalama,in the Galle District (71 children) and one more toilet was built at Singithi Preschool, Akurassa in the Galle District (24 children). Both schools had been damaged by the floods.

Flood the Love Fundraiser by Upali's Melbourne

Funds raised through a charity dinner held at the Upali's Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia went towards providing 220 Essential School Supplies Packs to children from Elpitiya.


29th June 2017







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