Special Coaching at the FoG Sports Academy

Over the last few months we have had the good fortune to conduct a number of specialized coaching camps for the Sports Academy beneficiaries with the help of trainers who have volunteered their time to help develop the talents of rural communities in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Dhammika Withanachchi is an Olympic level qualified swimming coach in USA and we were deeply honoured when he visited the Seenigama Sports Academy with his two daughters to conduct a 2 day training programme for the FoG swimmers. During his visit, Mr. Withanachchi took the time to observe the swimmers during a training session, observing their strong points and weaknesses before helping them to streamline their performances. He even took the time to meet the swimming coaches one on one to impart his knowledge and experience.

Scotty Lee is a former football player & coach who is the founder of Spirit of Soccer, an international initiative seeking to build awareness about mine-safety among children and youth from war-torn and post-war regions. SOS has partnered with the Foundation to deliver mine risk education to Northern communities and during a visit to Sri Lanka, Scotty took the opportunity to visit the Seenigama Sports Academy in the South and conduct a soccer coaching programme for 30 sportsmen, which was a rare and valuable opportunity for the participants.

Mr. Ravi Weerasooriya who also coaches cricket in Australia was another volunteer to take the time and visit Seenigama to help impart some of his knowledge to our young up and coming players. Spending time in the field with the boys he helped the players identify their mistakes and work towards correcting shortcomings while developing their strengths.

We are incredibly grateful to these kind volunteers who bring in a wealth of knowledge from their personal experience and training around the world to enrich sportsmen and women from a rural Sri Lankan community who have big dreams and great potential.



31st August 2017







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