Opening Ceremony of the MCC Library/ Knowledge Centre sponsored by Harrow School UK


The Foundation of Goodness had the pleasure of declaring open the MCC Centre of Excellence Library/ Knowledge Centre on Friday the 10th of November with the kind sponsorship of Harrow School- UK.

This traditional village style building houses a library as well as a Women’s Craft Centre (where the local ladies have a space to practice their crafts such as sewing specialized novelty items) and the Merchandise Shop which contains FoG memorabilia, Sri Lankan souvenirs and items produced by the ladies from our Women’s Empowerment Centre.

The Harrow School students and staff had been fundraising since 2016 in anticipation of their 2017 visit to Sri Lanka, in an effort to leave behind a real and lasting legacy to benefit the rural communities of Sri Lanka and help other students like themselves who didn’t have access to the same resources that they did.

During their visit to the Foundation of Goodness, the students themselves initiated the construction process, clearing the land where the building would be erected and then laying the concrete bricks for the walls.

Construction progressed steadily even after the Harrow School students returned to England, and on the 10th of November, the Foundation of Goodness had the pleasure of conducting the opening ceremony for this beautiful building with the attendance of special guests Vinod & Leena Hirdaramani and Mr. Ashan Malalasekera. The library was well stocked with lots of great books to be perused by the children and youth attending various programmes at FoG, whether it was to improve their English skills, discover wonderful literary works or learn more about the world.

The merchandise shop was stocked to the brim with beautiful crafts and items and in the Women’s Craft Centre, a lady from the village was already busy at work with her sewing.

A big thank you goes out to all the students and staff of Harrow School and Mr. Will Alderton who spearheaded this wonderful initiative which will be of great benefit to women, children and youth to make better progress.



16th November 2017







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