Summary of work undertaken by the Community Psycho-Social Unit of the

Foundation of Goodness


The main function of the Community Psycho-Social Unit is to enhance the lives of those within the community. In order to achieve this objective, the CPU team identified 11 main areas of priority that needed to be addressed in order to resolve problems faced by the community, within homes and problems that disrupted the normal mental functioning and reasoning of persons. After careful consideration, the following 11 areas were identified as areas that needed attention and solutions if the welfare of the community was to be advanced:


    • Domestic Violence
    • Comprehensive Sexual Education and Awareness
    • Family Relationships
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
    • Cognitive Development
    • Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
    • Community and Citizenship Participation
    • Life Skills
    • Mental Disorders and its Impact
    • Pre-Marital Counselling and Preparedness

    In order to better understand the issues at hand, the CPU team worked with a manual for each topic. The manuals were designed to provide an understanding of the problems, provide a background of the multiple cause and effects impacting the people, and provide solutions as well as practical activities to be carried with the beneficiaries for whom the programs would be carried out. Accordingly, a minimum of almost two-three weeks were spent learning each manual and upon its completion, possible target groups and tentative program schedules were compiled to carry out the awareness sessions and understand the acceptance by the community and monitor their reactions.

    Accordingly, the CPU team is now well informed regarding the above mentioned areas. The goal for the year of 2018 is to implement each of the above areas in identified communities in the form of Awareness sessions.

    Identified target groups include elder’s homes, boys and girls orphanages, surrounding schools, participants from the Women’s Enterprise section of the Foundation, students from Child Guidance Centers and Sports Sectors, Parents of children with special needs and parents from surrounding areas.

    We are truly grateful to all our donors and supporters as well as all the volunteer trainers who constantly help with the supervision and continued development of our CPU team, with special mention of Volunteer Intern Rosheni Ratnayake who compiled and implemented the above manual and the current sustainability sponsor for the CPU sectors Ms. Indira Kithsiri from Switzerland who’s kind generosity has helped make this all happen.







    26th January 2018







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