OxAdventure in Seenigama Once More

OXadventure was initiated in Kuwait with the mission to inspire youth through travel, charity and adventure, creating future leaders and global citizens with enriched minds who are able to utilize their learning and educational skills outside the classroom, in the real world. It also allows the youth to gain a deeper understanding of the world through living and working with locals.

Groupd from this organization have been visiting the Foundation of Goodness in Seenigama over the past years, bringing multiple groups for community immersion programmes working with poor rural villagers to gain a more in-depth understanding of how real Sri Lankan’s live, and leave behind a positive legacy through community development work that makes a real and  lasting  difference.

They give visitors to the country an opportunity to have a more impactful stay and truly give back to the country while enjoying its beauty and getting immersed in the local culture and way of life.

Two groups from OxAdventure visited us recently, for a one week duration each during which time they worked with the Foundation of Goodness empowerment sectors and also spent time with the local community through activities such as volunteering at local orphanages to spend some time cheering up the kids and engaging in fun activities with them and conducting a beach cleaning programme at the local coastline.

At FoG both group got involved at the Sports Academy and used the time to play some cricket with our beneficiaries and adding a new coat of paint to the small gymnasium which the villagers and our beneficiaries use free of charge. The groups also painted the Lahiru Pre-school premises and Women’s Enterprise and Empowerment Centre.

In their spare time they went down to the beach and engaged in fun activities or went sightseeing to explore and discover more of the country.

We had a wonderful time hosting this amazing group of people and hope to see more people get involved with community aid tourism, traveling for a cause and helping to uplift lives while exploring  new countries.


16th February 2018







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