Elizabeth Moir and Asian International School in Seenigama

Students from Elizabeth Moir School and Asian International School in Colombo have been visiting the Foundation of Goodness for a number of years now to learn more about geography, history and development. In addition to this, the students have an opportunity to experience village life first-hand, and understand the struggle that fellow students have to endure in order to complete their education and get a good start in life, bringing a new perspective to the students’ lives.

A lively group of 53 students along with 5 teachers from Elizabeth Moir arrived at the Foundation of Goodness in February, eager to learn more about the very unique approach FoG has to rural development, through a holistic approach offering opportunities and resources for rural villagers to achieve their dreams.

After touring the MCC Centre of Excellence the kids all grabbed paint and brushed, rolling up their sleeves and getting right to work in the hot sun to paint some of the FoG buildings including the medical and dental clinic. It was hard work, but jot and laughter overflowed and each student gave their utmost towards this community outreach effort leaving behind beautifully painted walls to greet those who entered the premises.

55 students from Asian International School joined us in March along with 5 teachers and after a visit to our various sectors and seeing the programmes first hand, the students divided up to conduct a number of group activities with our Children’s Good Values Initiative members including painting, arts & crafts, English conversation classes and lessons in basic geography. After completing the group session the students headed over to the Sports Academy where the kids enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool followed by lunch and a game of cricket with the FoG cricketers before heading back home.

The Foundation of Goodness is always delighted to welcome students who want to learn more about how their fellow Sri Lankan’s live, and it is often a very eye opening experience to realise how different their lives can be even while living in the same small island nation. Our hope is that these programme will help raise a  more compassionate and aware next generation who will play an active role in community development.


15th March 2018








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